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Try A 2-Week Liver Cleanse with This Homemade Potion

Feeling bloated and tired all of the time? Do you struggle to lose weight no matter what you do? If you also suffer from constipation, become moody with the drop of a hat, and have frequent acid reflux, it could be a sign that your liver isn’t working as well as it should.

Other symptoms of a sluggish liver can include:

  • Dark urine
  • Yellowing of the eyes and skin
  • Poor appetite
  • Bruising easily
  • High blood pressure
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Excessive sweating
  • Rosacea

A liver detox cleanse is not only easy but is one of the best things you can do for your liver, whether you think it’s a little dysfunctional or not.

What is Liver Detox?

If you’re unaware of what the liver does, then you’ll be surprised to find out that it has over 500 functions in the human body. Its most important roles include helping to break down and create nutrients, cleansing the blood, and removing toxins like medications and chemicals often found in our foods, such as pesticides, herbicides, hormones, and antibiotics.

And because the liver has such a big task, it’s not uncommon for it to become overwhelmed, which can cause it to stop functioning correctly. Of course, this is all made worse by the insane amount of chemicals introduced into our bodies and environment daily through our food, cleaning products, water, and even the air we breathe in urban areas.

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However, a detox cleanses backed-up toxins from the liver and the rest of the body so it can function properly again. There are various detox plans you can follow, but today I will be showing you how to make a liver detox drink or “potion.” For the best results, drink your liver detox potion every morning on an empty stomach for two weeks. I’ll explain more in a second. But first, I want to give you some crucial tips because there are some stipulations if you want your natural detox to work.

Liver Detox Do’s and Don’ts

Before we get too far, I want to explain something about detoxing. There is no point in trying to remove toxins from your body while continuing to put poisons in. So, the first rule of thumb is to eliminate as many toxins from your environment as possible. Actually, I’ve made a “Do’s and Don’ts” list for you.

Follow this list, and you’ll have a successful cleanse:


Eat healthy food. Steer clear of pre-packed and even dairy. And if you can, cut meat from your diet for two weeks, too. Eliminating chemical-laden foods will give your body a better chance of recovering. Instead, eat whole (organic, non-GMO) fruits and vegetables and detoxing foods like citrus, cruciferous vegetables, fruits, greens, ginger, carrots, sprouts, fermented foods, sour foods, beets, artichokes, apple cider vinegar, bone broth, potassium-rich foods, beans, tomatoes, or sweet potatoes.

Consume natural liver boosters like Milk thistle, Dandelion (root and leaves), Green tea, Turmeric, Ferments, Selenium, Glutathione (in cruciferous veggies).

Ensure you’re using the restroom. It’s imperative to have proper elimination when detoxing; otherwise, your body may reabsorb the toxins and become overloaded, which is very hard on the liver. You can take magnesium supplements to help you go to the bathroom if you have trouble, but the herbs used in our potion and a clean diet will also help tremendously. Dandelion, in particular, is a diuretic and digestive aid.


During your cleanse, you’ll want to avoid sugar, processed or fatty foods.

Don’t take any unnecessary medications or supplements.

If you’re on a detox diet, you should avoid meat, dairy, wheat, alcohol and caffeine. Meat slows down digestion, clogs up the bowels and helps bacteria to breed in your guts. Milk, cheese and other dairy products are acidic to the body, leading to poor cell function and the slowing down of detoxification. Wheat is harmful to the lining of the intestines and leads to poor nutrient intake. Wheat gluten irritates the gut and can cause bloating, indigestion and constipation. Alcohol and caffeine can often do more harm than good during your detox.

*Note: Many detoxes call for eliminating solid foods, but I prefer keeping them because fiber is essential during this time.

And the below liver detox recipe also helps clean up the gallbladder!

2-Week Liver Cleanse Potion Recipe

Try A 2 Week Liver Cleanse with This Homemade Potion- foraging dandelion

The herbal ingredients in this natural liver cleanse potion are most important, not their form. You can use fresh, dried, or liquid forms of these ingredients. Today, I’m using a combination of both. I’m sourcing my dandelion roots fresh because it’s springtime, and there is a surplus of them.

But you can also purchase dried dandelion parts and save them for use throughout the year. I am also using an organic milk thistle extract I bought online.

You will need:Try A 2 Week Liver Cleanse with This Homemade Potion- foraged dandelion
  • A tea ball or piece of cheesecloth
  • Scalding hot water
  • The roots of 2 dandelions (or 1 tablespoon) and a few leaves
  • 1-inch piece of fresh ginger
  • ¼ teaspoon of turmeric powder
  • a pinch of black pepper
  • 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (with the mother)
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • 10 drops of milk thistle extract
  1. If using fresh dandelions, dig the roots, too, as this is the part we will use. Clean them thoroughly with clean water. Grab a few of the leaves too. Otherwise, use a tablespoon of dried dandelion or ten drops of extract.
  2. Cut the roots into small segments to fit in your tea ball or cloth. Add them to the ball along with the leaves.Try A 2 Week Liver Cleanse with This Homemade Potion- dandelion roots
  3. Cut a 1-inch piece of fresh ginger (or ¼ teaspoon powdered ginger) and add that along with the turmeric.Try A 2 Week Liver Cleanse with This Homemade Potion- adding ingredients to tea ball
  4. Place the tea ball in a small cup and add enough hot water to saturate the herbs fully. Let it sit for about 10 minutes.Try A 2 Week Liver Cleanse with This Homemade Potion- place the tea ball in a small cup
  5. Remove the tea ball or cloth and add in the vinegar, honey, and milk thistle.  Stir it really well, as there will be sediment. Try A 2 Week Liver Cleanse with This Homemade Potion- add milk thiste, vinegar and honey
  6.  And there you have your liver cleanse potion! Drink swiftly and brush your teeth after. You should never leave apple cider vinegar to sit on your teeth as it can damage the enamel. Try A 2 Week Liver Cleanse with This Homemade Potion- liver potion ready

Here’s a quick tip: use only a little water in this one because the vinegar and honey make it very strong.

The Bottom Line

During your two-week liver cleanse, use your potion every morning an hour before eating and follow the recommendations in this article, and your liver will be much happier and healthier.

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great advice! However I must add that cleansing a really congested liver will cause quite a strong reaction….maybe not so full on for the first time. Perhaps build up slowly because this is quite a potent recipe. Flooding the body with the toxins in a bad liver may be counterproductive to healing.

@lal: I totally agree. You could experience things like headaches, flu like symptoms, even cramping. This is caused by the toxic materials being eliminated by your liver. Be sure to drink LOTS of water! Water will help the toxins leave your body. Do a search for things to watch out for when detoxing your body. Those should list many things to be aware of and how to help.

Roots take much longer than 10 minutes to release their beneficial components. The herbs, 10 minutes is probably fine, but NOT the roots. You need to do this in 2 parts, roots separately and herbs separately.
Two different sources give these timelines:

In general, roots and barks require the longest infusion (or a decoction) of about 8 hours. Leaves should be infused for a minimum of 4 hours, flowers for 2 hours, and seeds and fresh berries for at least 30 minutes.

15–30 minutes for chopped or grated roots With 20 minutes being average. Larger roots will take longer to steep.

For this recipe, I’d steep the roots (dandelion and ginger) for 15-20 minutes.

Just wondering, if we break down the roots and leaves etc in a blender or mortar with pestle it should be fine to use in the way it says to in this article?

I am taking lisinipril for high blood pressure. Would this be safe to drink while taking this medication?

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