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What Happens When You Pour Milk Over Garlic?

You will never realize how delicious the combination of milk and garlic can be until you try it. And, it’s pretty healthy too. Loaded with many benefits, it is one revitalizing beverage to take and cap your stressful day.

Garlic, by itself, is a valuable spice in Ayurvedic medicine. Because of its pungent taste – and probably the garlic breath it gives – it is sometimes avoided in food.

When you pour milk over garlic, it will reduce its acidity and may neutralize the sulfur-containing compounds in it. Garlic breath will not stay long and you will be fine with sugarless peppermint gum, or some apple and parsley leaves.

Benefits of Adding Garlic to Milk

Garlic (Allium sativum) has long been recognized for its curative power, mainly considered nature’s antibiotic.

By nature, garlic is hot and spicy and may not be a good option for people with heartburn. However, mixing it with milk will modulate the acidity to make it tolerable for the stomach. Milk also improves its immune-boosting effect to bring many different health benefits.

Here’s what happens if you pour milk over garlic or mix them together.

Treat Cold and Flu

A warm glass of milk can bust a common cold. Packed with antibacterial and antiviral properties, garlic milk is great against infectious and seasonal diseases. Drinking garlic milk may prevent infection or promote faster recovery in case you already have one. It also eases chest and nasal congestion that comes along with it.

If you worry about milk worsening cough and phlegm, it is a myth that has already been debunked by experts. Drinking milk will not increase mucus because mucus is produced in the lungs and is made up mostly of trapped germs and immune cells.

Boost the Immune System

A macerate of fresh garlic in milk can fortify the body and improve immune resistance. In a pre-clinical and clinical data investigation, it was found that the organosulfur compound of garlic has an immunomodulatory effect. Such can enhance the immune response and prevent widespread viral infections in humans.

Improve Heart Health

Garlic milk may have a significant cardiovascular effect as supported by many previous studies on garlic. Garlic contains allicin, a bioactive compound that prevents stress in the heart by lowering blood pressure and reducing inflammation. It refines blood circulation and prevents the risks of heart attack.

Garlic is widely used for lowering systolic and diastolic blood pressure without the unpleasant effects that synthetic drugs create. It is mainly due to the allicin compound in garlic that prevents the tightening of the blood vessels. Mixing about 10 to 12 freshly minced garlic cloves with milk may help regulate the blood pressure level.

⇒ A Few Drops of This Tincture Will Help Regulate Blood Glucose And Blood Pressure Levels

May Prevent Cancer

The antioxidants in garlic and milk may help flush out free radicals and environmental toxins from the body. It may prevent different types of cancers from various causes such as ultraviolet light, radiation, pollution and smoking. The high antioxidant properties of garlic milk may also delay the signs of aging.

Increase Libido

Drinking garlic milk has the potential to increase libido with its strong aphrodisiac effect. Taking garlic with milk and honey is said to help in sexual debility, nervous tension and even erectile dysfunction in men.

Alleviate Arthritic Pain

Joint pain and arthritis can be mitigated by drinking a glass of warm garlic milk. Garlic’s anti-inflammatory compounds work to reduce arthritic pain and sciatica. Milk also contributes to bone health by strengthening the bones and joints to alleviate the recurrence of arthritis.

But if you have excruciating pain and you need a quick fix, you can alleviate it with this salve by applying it on the affected area. I choose products for myself only if they are recommended by others and he reviews are amazing for this one. You can check it out here!

Joint & Movement

Relieve Flatulence and Constipation

Garlic milk is also good for digestive problems, preferably plant-based milk like soy if you have existing digestive issues. It has a carminative and laxative effect that can reduce gas and bloating, and ease bowel movement. Intake of garlic milk may also improve the gut-brain axis and improve digestion and overall gut health.

Control Diabetes

Clinical trials suggest positive results in the antidiabetic effect of garlic according to a research review.  It can significantly lower blood glucose and prevent long-term complications like diabetic retinopathy. When used with unsweetened plant milk like almond, garlic milk may regulate the blood sugar level and reduce the risk of diabetes.

Treat Acne and Skin Problems

The excellent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of garlic may help treat or prevent acne. The sulfur compounds in garlic prevent the proliferation of microorganisms such as Propionibacterium acnes that grow when the glands are blocked. Drinking garlic milk enables the compounds to reach the bloodstream and get expelled through sweating to destroy the deep-seated bacteria.

Increase Breastmilk

Garlic milk can boost milk production which is beneficial for lactating mothers. Although future studies are still recommended to prove its efficacy in improving prolactin production, it has been used for centuries in supporting breast milk flow. Nursing mothers are encouraged to take garlic or garlic milk a few hours before breastfeeding since it may alter its taste, which the baby may or may not like. If you have a prolactinoma or hormone-related issue, when choosing milk for garlic milk preparation, consider opting for hormone-free, organic milk made without the use of antibiotics.

Encourage Quality Sleep

Milk is efficient in promoting sleep with its supportive nutrients, particularly zinc and tryptophan. Garlic alone does not necessarily induce sleep and relaxation. However, it does help regulate the blood pressure and reduce any inflammatory pain to modulate the discomfort and encourage a deep sleep.

However, something that induces sleep directly is Valerian Root, Chamomile, Passionflower and Hops Strobile Flower. Combined, they create a very powerful blend that can help you improve sleep. If you can’t find them all with ease, check out this sleeping elixir from Nicole’s Apothecary.

How to Prepare Garlic Milk

Garlic milk is fairly easy to do and you only need three ingredients.

Milk. If you have no issues with dairy, farm-fresh milk is a good option. Otherwise, you can choose plant-based milk like almond or soy, especially if you are diabetic.

Garlic. Choose fresh, organic garlic for your garlic milk. You will know it is fresh if the bulb is firm and is not soft when squeezed. To make the most out of its healing compound, chop or pound the garlic cloves and let it sit for about 10 to 15 minutes before using. It will give ample time for the garlic to release its allicin and maximize its healing potential.

Sweetener. You may use any healthy sweetener if you want to amp up the flavor of this healing beverage. Honey, agave, stevia or sugar candy are all excellent options. For this recipe, we will use monk fruit powder to make it sweet and savory. Monk fruit powder is sweeter than sugar so we will need only a small amount as we would with other sweeteners.

GarlicMilk - IngredientsIngredients
  • 4 cloves garlic (use 8 cloves if using a small variety)
  • 1 ½ cup milk
  • Sweetener, to taste
  1. Peel and roughly chop the garlic cloves. Set aside for 10 minutes. GarlicMilk - Chop
  2. In a small saucepan, bring the milk to a boil. GarlicMilk - Boil Milk
  3. Add the garlic pieces. Simmer for about 7 to 10 minutes until the garlic is soft. GarlicMilk - Add Garlic
  4. Add the sweetener of your choice and adjust according to your desired sweetness. Mix well until well combined and turn off the heat. GarlicMilk - Add Sweetener
  5. Pour into glass and enjoy. GarlicMilk - Pour Into Glass
To use:

GarlicMilk - Result

Take ½ cup of the garlic milk daily for a week, preferably before bedtime but you may take it any time of the day. You may increase the amount to 1 cup if you have flu or colds. For lactating mothers, take garlic milk 3 to 4 days a week.

You may strain the garlic, but we highly recommend eating the cooked garlic as well for the best result. Just strain the garlic and give only the milk to babies below three years old. Do not give it to babies younger than one-year-old, especially if using honey as a sweetener.

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Great info thank you!!

What else should I add to boost the effect?

What else can work if you can’t drink milk?

The article states you can use plant-based milk like almond or soy. I’m sure any nut milk would work, including coconut and cashew. I’m going to try it with pistachio milk.

Not a big fan of milk. You can also reduce the sharp taste of garlic by mixing it with things like mayonnaise or ketchup. If I have a hankering for garlic and nothing else at the moment I’ll squirt some ketchup on a plate. Dunk a few cloves of garlic in it. Leave it for a few minutes and then eat it like that. Takes most of the sharp taste of the garlic away. If I need to go out after this to do some shopping or something similar I’ll just brush my teeth well. Tomato soup does the same thing. Haven’t tried honey and garlic together yet. That’ll be my next experiment. For people with a lactose intolerance milk is a big no no.

Dunking your raw garlic in ketchup may be a good way to go. Raw crushed garlic retains more allicin, Rather than destroying some of the allicin with heat we are better off if we can tolerate it raw.

I like to try things out, Jose, and for whatever reason basically marinating garlic cloves (better if cut in half) in ketchup for a very short time (only a few minutes) really does seem to take most of that sharp pungent taste that seems to burn your taste buds away from the garlic. Ketchup is very common and easy to source. I got lucky. I’m sure other things work just as well at making garlic more palatable for us but the only other thing I’ve tried is miracle whip. Mayonnaise by another name. Don’t know if it’s the vinegar in the ketchup or the tomatoes that reduce the burning sensation on your taste buds when eating raw garlic. Right now I’m in a garlic phase and try to eat raw garlic with everything that I can think of. Even cheese sandwiches. I’ve also tried garlic with mayonnaise (in my case miracle whip) and that also seems to mitigate the burning sensation of the garlic when eating it raw. We all know the many health benefits of eating garlic. My four pillars of health are apples, garlic, onions and cayenne pepper. It’s too bad apples are so expensive. Right now just using garlic and cayenne pepper. I’ve also tried turmeric, which is supposed to be REALLY good for you, but can’t get past the taste. Didn’t grow up with it. Thanks for your interest. 🙂

Thank you Armin. I like your thinking. I find yogurt is also good to get some bitter herbs down!

Will the garlic milk give off a garlicky smell? Will your sweat smell like garlic? I certainly like to try this. I love the articles! Thank you for your time!

Ok. Great. Here’s a savior for milk. Boil it in a hotbath inside it’s own mason jar for 3 seconds. Yes milk has a few good things, they never bore you with all the crap it’s got in it too. Shame. Good day to live people. Get healthy.

Boiling the milk and garlic destroys all the good in this drink. Boiling any food item is no good. That’s why pasteurized milk isn’t as good as raw milk. High heat id no good.

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