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The Key to Handling Stress

Stress is part of modern life. From minor issues like a boss who keeps calling after hours to a major crisis like the pandemic, there’s always something that worries us and disturbs our equilibrium. In some cases, the stress we feel can be so intense that it causes illness, reduces productivity, and can even lead to conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder.

While you can’t always control your circumstances and world events, you can manage how you respond to them. Stress-induced physical and mental illness should always be assessed by a healthcare professional, but there are steps you can take to nourish your body, calm your mind, and prevent stress from taking more of a toll on your wellbeing.

Foods to Help Combat Stress

Stress can be exacerbated by a poor diet. Consuming high-fat, sugary foods can provide a temporary sense of relief (a phenomenon known as emotional eating) but the subsequent impact on your health may add to your stress levels over the long term. If you consume a lot of refined carbs, like potato chips and cookies, your blood sugar can spike, only to crash later and lead to more anxiety.

Over time, consuming a healthy diet can help you combat stress. Let’s take a closer look at some foods that can improve your energy and better regulate your mood.

Dark Chocolate

According to this study, eating up to 30 grams per day of dark chocolate with 85% cocoa can improve mood and lower stress. This outcome may be due to its high amount of tryptophan, which the body uses to create serotonin. To avoid taking in too much fat or sugar, this article recommends a maximum daily intake of no more than 60 grams.

The Key to Handling Stress - Dopamine Foods

Bananas contain the amino acid tryptophan along with vitamins A, B6, and C, fiber, potassium, phosphorus, iron, and carbohydrate. Carbohydrates aid in the absorption of tryptophan in the brain, while vitamin B6 converts it into the mood-lifting hormone serotonin. If you don’t eat bananas regularly, try eating one as a daily snack or slicing it onto your cereal in the morning.

Whole Grain Rice

Consuming carbohydrates releases serotonin. Because they take longer to digest, complex carbohydrates reduce stress levels better than simple carbohydrates. Regular consumption of whole grain rice helps to control your blood sugar levels and provides a steady flow of serotonin throughout the day.


B vitamin deficiencies have been linked to depression, as low B vitamin levels can inhibit the production of serotonin. Folate, vitamins B3, B6, and B12 are among the most important B vitamins, and eating leafy green vegetables like spinach can help to keep your levels up and manage stress more effectively. A cup of cooked spinach provides nearly 30% of your recommended daily allowance of key B vitamins, so you should eat a spinach salad for lunch or add the greens to stir-fries and soups.

Herbal Remedies That Boost Your Mood

Try herbal support. Sometimes we need a little extra help, especially if we are facing a particularly stressful life event. Herbal remedies are a gentle and effective way to brighten your outlook and soothe your spirit. Dr .Nicole’s favorite calming and adaptogenic herbs include: Ashwagandha, Lemon Balm, Lion’s Mane Mushroom, and Reishi Mushroom, which you can find in the Anxiety & Stress Tincture.

Herbs can offer a range of health benefits, including reducing stress and anxiety. Other stress-related illnesses, such as insomnia, depression, cardiovascular disease, and gastrointestinal problems, can also be treated with appropriate remedies.


The Key to Handling Stress - ValerianValerian root (Valeriana officinalis)is commonly used to treat insomnia and anxiety. Native to Europe and Asia, this plant contains analgesic, antibacterial, antispasmodic, and sedative properties that can help relieve stress and anxiety.

In adults, Valerian is usually taken in doses of 300-600 mg a day for up to six weeks.


The Key to Handling Stress - ChamomileFor centuries, chamomile (Matricaria recutita) has been used as a natural remedy to treat nervousness and anxiety.

The phenolics in chamomile, such as flavonoids, quinones, phenolic acids, and antioxidant compounds, help to reduce stress. According to one study, chamomile teas can have a positive impact on cognition and mood in healthy adults.


The Key to Handling Stress - LavenderLavender (Lavandula angustifolia) has traditionally been used to support relaxation and mitigate anxiety as well as a post-traumatic stress disorder.

Lavender essential oil is used most frequently in aromatherapy. It helps to reduce cortisol in the body, which further controls symptoms of anxiety.

You can also make a soothing and aromatic tea with lavender.. This study found that lavender consumption can reduce anxiety significantly.

Holy Basil

Holy basilThe Key to Handling Stress - Holy Basil (Ocimum tenuiflorum) has high levels of antioxidants, making it an excellent herbal option for fighting depression, anxiety, and stress. It has been used for years to keep cortisol levels balanced and deal with stress-related conditions such as nausea and headaches, and studies show that its stress-reduction benefits are widespread.

To make holy basil tea, boil 1 1/2 cups of water, add 1/2 tsp of dried or one tsp of fresh leaves, and boil over medium heat for 10 to 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. After straining out the leaves, add lemon juice and/or honey to taste.

Exercises and Activities

Certain exercises and activities are particularly useful in relieving stress because they energize the body or calm the mind.

Take Daily Walks

The Key to Handling Stress - WalkingEven if you walk for only 10 minutes every day, it gives you a change of scenery, which can boost your mood and benefit you in terms of exercise. Whether you want to take a walk around the office after a stressful meeting or stroll through the park on a weekend, walking is a simple but effective way to refresh your mind and body. One study found that people who walked for 15 minutes at least four times per week live longer and healthier lives compared with those who are more sedentary.

Practice Yoga

Yoga combines physical movement, meditation, gentle exercise, and controlled breathing-all of which provide quality stress relief. A single yoga session may provide immediate emotional benefits, but you’re more likely to see long-term benefits if you incorporate yoga into your daily routine consistently.

Start by taking a class, enrolling in an online program, or using an app. Regular yoga practice lowers breathing heart rate, blood pressure, and cortisol levels, all of which can enhance well-being, according to this study.


The Key to Handling Stress - MeditateMeditation is a short-term stress reliever as well as a lasting stress management tool. There are a variety of meditations you can try, each with its unique history, techniques, and overall appeal. For example, you may take slow, deep breaths while repeating a mantra in your mind or practice mindfulness, which involves being present. Pay attention to what you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell.

When you are focused on the here and now, you won’t be able to ruminate over the past or worry about the future. Mindfulness and meditation take practice, but they can help you reduce stress by bringing you to the present moment.


Adult coloring has become so popular in recent years that you can find supplies in most bookstores and there are even coloring Facebook groups and meetups! According to this article, there are three main reasons why the activity can reduce stress.

  • It’s a simple, low-stake undertaking that doesn’t demand perfection or professionalism
  • Your brain tends to relax because you’re focused on a simple activity
  • You are drawing attention away from yourself and staying in the moment

With the pandemic affecting our daily lives and so many uncertainties in the distance, coloring might just be the ticket to help you unwind and re-center.

There are various stress-relieving activities available, each of them ideal for different preferences and availability schedules. Instead of selecting one technique, experts recommend trying a few to see which is best for you. You should practice for at least 20 minutes every day, although even a few minutes can help. However, the more you practice these relaxation techniques, the greater the benefits and the more you can reduce stress.

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Yes, where can one buy those herbs for tea?

Holy basil tea

Lavender tea

Chamomile tea

Thanks! I enjoy reading your work. My ranch is in Tabiona, Utah and I’d love a visit from you if your ever in Utah. I would love to show you around and get your advice on gardening as well as exploring the native herbs here. I will leave my number in hopes of hearing from you. 801-597-3377 Thank You, Ken Wade

I am surprised that you didn’t mention prayer. Talking with your creator, praying a litany or reading the bible can give incredible peace. A very large study of nurses found that there were very low rates of suicide among women who attended church services more than once a week. Catholic Women who went to daily Mass had zero incidences of suicide in the study.

Most likely the reason suicide rates are so low among church goers is the belief in eternal damnation if they do.

God doesn’t damn people to hell he loves them to heaven. You’re wrong KennyMFH. I have survived PTSD caused by 45 years of trauma and my relationship with Jesus Christ is so real and fulfilling it would blow your mind. That is the ONLY reason I am a healthy and successful person today and I have peace that surpasses all understanding. I pray for you to find this out on your own.

Kimberly I am not “WRONG”. My beliefs disagree with yours and that is all. Until GOD appears before us all and proves his power and existence, no one can factually claim their beliefs as RIGHT. I’m glad you have overcome 45 years of trauma. Religion has many benefits for some and zero for others. I’ve seen both sides and I’ve chosen the red pill.

That’s because with them being women & Catholic, they’re “doomed” from the beginning. Oh wait! That’s Muslim’s! Catholic’s are the little altar boy pedophile’s! Sorry, I get them mixed up sometimes.

On a web-site dedicated to encouraging natural healing, I experience your comments as reductionistic …..and deeply dismissive of the many Muslims and Catholics who are committed to the betterment of society. I am neither a woman, Muslim nor Catholic. Dr Tony W

All churches most especially anything good always gets infiltrated deliberately especially christianity out of all religions which is only religion attacked 24/7 365 what does this tell you EVIL always try to destroy and hide truth There are paedophiles everywhere SO pull your head out of your arse wake the f up
Shame on your ignorance

This site is for people who want to be healthy. You are obviously mentally ill. If not then shame on you for writing that. What do you contribute to this world for good? I will pray for you Michael M

Totally inappropriate.

Undoubtedly I must of struck a nerve on some people. Sorry, not sorry, get over it. It is what it is

No Michael M. It is what you make it. Right now you’re making it more painful for the people who have suffered at the hands of depraved individuals who do not represent the teachings of the Church. No religious group I know of, other than Satanism, condones paedophilia. If you can’t distinguish the difference between God’s words and man’s actions you are blind as well as ignorant. If you were abused, I pray for your healing. If you were the abuser, I pray for God’s forgiveness. If you are an observer, I pray you find strength to step in and provide comfort to those in need. God bless you Michael… few mortal men will be so forgiving.

Pretty sure satanists do NOT condone pedophilia.

Idk. I hope you’re right. Plenty of allegations though, many of which resulted in prison time.

I also found Tai Chi to be part exercise and part meditation. Very worthwhile to know and practice. I should go back to it.

I may have accidentaly purchased the “Forager’s Gude” twice. If I have, please cancel BECAUSE, I will not be billed for tax on shipping charges. Please reply.

Hi Victor,

Thank you for your interest in our work.
Please check your personal email for a message regarding your order.

Many blessings and good health!

Regarding the Holy Basil Tea: I’m surprised that you only use 1/2 tsp for 1 and 1/2 cups water! Is this because the herb is so potent?? I’m just starting to use HB and so look forward to some feedback. Thanks!

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