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What Happens If You Squeeze Lemon In Your Coffee?

After you see this, you’re probably never going to drink your morning coffee without adding some lemon juice first.

It’s estimated that around three-quarters of Americans drink coffee daily. It’s also popular around the world, although its exact origins are unclear or disputed. Coffee has been traced back to the Ethiopian plateau and the trading of coffee starting in the Arabian Peninsula. Ancient Chinese medicine used coffee to balance the energy in the liver because of caffeine’s effect on the nervous system.

When the first larger studies were conducted in the US, it was thought there was a correlation between coffee and cardiovascular disease. However, it was later determined that the cardiovascular disease was probably attributed to other lifestyle choices of people in the studies (usually these higher coffee drinkers smoked more cigarettes, ate less fruit and veg, and had higher calorie diets). Every now and again coffee still gets bad press saying that it is dehydrating or the caffeine isn’t good for you etc.

However, with the sophistication of modern science and studies, it more often than not gets reported as being a very healthy drink with plenty of amazing health benefits. Coffee really does have a surprising number of medicinal benefits and as with all food and drinks, moderation is the key.

There seems to be far less confusion or contradicting information about lemons on the other hand. Packed full of vitamin C, this citrus fruit has been the subject of many health studies and has proven to heal on many levels. Plus, lemon keeps you hydrated for longer so is a great complement to coffee.

Both of these ingredients have one thing in common that is undisputed: they help with weight loss and/or weight management.

What Happens If You Squeeze Lemon In Your Coffee - coffee benefits

Let’s look at how they both do this and some of the other health benefits you can get from these.

What Happens If You Squeeze Lemon In Your Coffee?

The main health benefit we’re going to focus on is weight loss. Maintaining or achieving a healthy weight is more important than ever these days. There are more tempting processed foods on the market now and as a society, we are generally leading more sedentary lifestyles.

Carrying too much weight and obesity have been linked to several serious diseases so watching our diets and including more exercise and activity are necessary if we want to be healthier and live longer, more fulfilling lives.

How Does Coffee Help You Lose Weight?

What Happens If You Squeeze Lemon In Your Coffee - lemon benefitsThe caffeine in coffee has long been used in weight loss and fat-burning supplements. That’s because caffeine has been shown to boost your metabolic rate. Your metabolism is how your body makes and burns energy from food. Our bodies are designed to burn calories through our basal metabolic rate, exercise, and everyday activities.

Much of our metabolism comes down to genes and luck so the only other way to boost it is by choosing food and drinks wisely. Of course, this needs to be accompanied by exercise to maximize weight loss.

Another way that coffee can help you lose weight is because it contains magnesium and potassium. Your body uses these to regulate blood sugar levels which reduces cravings for those sugary treats we’re trying to avoid. On top of this, the caffeine in coffee helps to break down body fat. Aside from weight loss, coffee has some other intriguing benefits.

Other Health Benefits Of Coffee

For those of you who naturally love coffee, you’ll be pleased to hear that the following health benefits can be attributed to coffee:

  • It lowers the risk of having a stroke if you stick to 2-4 cups per day
  • It reduces the risk of developing certain types of cancer
  • It contains antioxidants that protect against many diseases and illnesses
  • It decreases the risk of Parkinson’s Disease by causing activity in the part of the brain that Parkinson’s affects
  • It reduces the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes
  • It’s a mood booster and can help fight depression

All of these health benefits are pretty impressive. How much coffee you can drink each day comes down to you as an individual. Four cups is usually the most ever used in studies but that’s too much for many people and will lead to headaches or insomnia. Know your limits and stick to them. There’s no need to aim for more in this case and if one cup a day suits you fine, then that’s great.

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How Does Lemon Help You Lose Weight?

What Happens If You Squeeze Lemon In Your Coffee - lemonsLemons can help in weight loss in several ways. You’ve probably heard of lemon in water as a great way to start the day because of the associated weight loss potential. The same applies to lemon in coffee. Lemons have diuretic properties that help detoxify the body and burn more fat.

The vitamin C in lemon juice keeps you hydrated, boosts your metabolism, and keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

Research also suggests that the polyphenol antioxidants in lemon have anti-obesity properties.

Other Health Benefits Of Lemon

Other health benefits associated with lemons include:

  • Good for improving your immune system
  • The potassium helps to keep the heart healthy and lower blood pressure
  • The citric acid in lemons can stop kidney stones from forming
  • They can help reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancers

Now you know the associated health benefits of coffee and lemon and how they support weight loss, I’ll show you how to put these together and what quantities to use.

How to Make Coffee with Lemon

What Happens If You Squeeze Lemon In Your Coffee - Ingredients

As you would expect, this recipe is very easy to make and has just two ingredients: coffee and lemon! A cup of coffee contains around two calories and has no fat. The juice of one lemon contains around 12 calories.

  • 1 Cup of coffee
  • 1 Lemon
  1. Prepare your coffee as you normally would (instant, machine, french press, etc.)What Happens If You Squeeze Lemon In Your Coffee - Step 1
  2. Pour yourself one cup of coffee and wait until it cools a little.What Happens If You Squeeze Lemon In Your Coffee - Step 2
  3. Cut one lemon in half and squeeze it into the coffee (removing any seeds if they fall in).What Happens If You Squeeze Lemon In Your Coffee

Enjoy your lemon coffee once it’s cool enough to drink. You can drink up to two cups every day. Remember, the caffeine in the coffee will make many people restless and can prevent sleep. For this reason, it’s best to take this in the morning and early afternoon unless you are a regular coffee drinker who can have a cup at night and fall asleep with no problems. Also, remember to wash your mouth out with water after you drink it each time because the lemon is acidic and can erode tooth enamel over time.

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Can’t wait to try this. My metabolism needs some help. I have hypothyroidism and it has been impossible to lose weight

Try heal ur hypothyroidism. I have heal mine and have lost so much weight without doing much.

how did u heal your thyroid ?

did u try it? Did it work ? I have the same issues with thyroid

What did you do for hypothyroidism??
Now that I’m older I’m having more issues.

Just be careful you don’t put milk in your coffee too. The milk will curdle with lemon.

😁….ha…ha…Thanks for that ….cause that was what I was gonna do!💞

That would of been unpleasant morning.. Running to the toilet real fast 😅

You can use coconut / almond / oat / plant milk though.

butter coffee lol

I am not a fan of black coffee. Can you add milk or a milk substitute to this?

…A Pinch!(tincture) of baking soda in yr black coffee
w/quartr tsp Manuka honey+ li’l squeeze of fresh! lemon

Don’t add milk or cream if you’re adding lemon, unless you want a nice cup of coffee flavoured cottage cheese. 🤢

Did this article explain why you need to drink lemon in your coffee and not just lemon water and then coffee?

I was wondering the same! I happen to drink lemon water and then coffee in the morning.. why together? lol unless there is something chemically amazing about the combination I’d like to know myself!

IMO you are probably doing more for yourself by having them separately. Rehydrating from your ‘fast’/ sleep is important and that glass of lemon water is just the trick!

Coffee is a natural carrier. It will carry it straight to your veins from what I read years ago.

My idea. And also: what is the benefit of pouring it in your coffee if the vitC gets broken down at 45* or less (Celsius)? I’d prefer to keep drinking it lukewarm!

Excellent point!

What does it taste like? It can’t be good.

I’d like to know if I can drink lemon water first then have my coffee. Do you get the same benefits?q

My thoughts as well!!

Does Real Lemon juice in a bottle have the same benefits as juice straight from the fruit?

RealLemon has a preservative in it, sodium metabisulfite, taste nasty to me. I’d much prefer the real thing

Probably not. The enzymes in lemon break down pretty quickly.

No, store-bought lemon juice has been cooked, breaking down the temperature-sensitive enzymes and vitamin C. Also, raw lemon juice is alkalinizing to the body, whereas cooked is acidifying.

JJ, good to know about cooked lemon versus raw. I drink warm lemon water every a.m., & I’m now wondering if the water is hot (rather than warm) would it become acidic? Thanx!

We buy a glass bottle of pure lemon juice that has about 30 servings for 6 bucks. Well worth it and probably even cheaper than buying lemons since they will often spoil when you buy 5 or more. Reallemon has been processed and that removes a lot of the Vitamin C, which is 1 of the main 2 reasons this article was written.

I buy lemons and juice them into an ice cube tray and freeze. This is what I use the first thing every morning in a cup of warm water.

That’s a great idea

That is a great idea… Heading to the kitchen to do the same. Thank you!

I drink black coffee with coconut fat and pure organic butter for my liver

Good move; in “moderate”
amt. Add Manuka honey <qtr tsp.

Cow’s milk will curdle with lemon juice, but I’m with you, don’t go for black coffee – I’m going to try oatmilk

Interesting, must try this!

Through other advice I have received (most likely from this source) I have begun adding 1\2 teaspoon of either cinnamon or ginger to my first cup of coffee in the morning (my cup holds 16 ounces). Full of antioxidants, both of the two additions add an acceptable flavor to my coffee. My next is to try lemon, with or without milk.

I used one lemon, cut in half…squeeze on half into a 2 cup measuring cup. Take two cinnamon sticks, cut the other half of lemon in quarters. Put 2 cups of water in a pan, along with the sticks, lemon quarters and I add a couple pieces of cut ginger root…..let it come to a boil…..let it steep for a few and put it thru a strainer into the 2 cup measuring cup…..add honey !

Cloves are an awesome thing to add to your drink. I have been making tea with cloves, cinnamon, honey, lemon. I tried the lemon in coffee I don’t like the taste but I like coffee creamer no mine. No black it’s interesting coffee w lemon. I did drink it. Not enough lemon. So I will stick to my tea.

Black coffee and freshly squeezed lemon juice work great when you have a headache.

How does it taste? I love lemon in my tea but have never thought of putting it in my coffee.

Wow! Will try against headache. Do you think it helps when you have migraine?

Bit of trivia. I read in an Gatha Christie book where the character Poirot, advises using instant coffee in cases of migraine. I am a terrible migraine sufferer, so I tried it, and it helped when getting it early enough.

Does this work with decaf?

Hi Johnny,

Decaf usually contains similar amounts of antioxidants as regular coffee, although they may be up to 15% lower. This difference is most likely caused by a small loss of antioxidants during the decaffeination process. In addition to the antioxidants, decaf also contains minor amounts of some nutrients. One cup of brewed decaf coffee provides 2.4% of the recommended daily intake of magnesium, 4.8% of potassium, and 2.5% of niacin, or vitamin B3.

But you can, of course, add lemon to your decaf coffee as well. The vitamin C in lemon juice will still keep you hydrated, boosts your metabolism, and keep you feeling fuller for longer.

You can also check out this article for more herbal coffee substitutes:

Many blessings and good health!

Wondering the same!!
(Can’t have caffeine due to heart rate!)

I just love these tips with natural and practical ways to live simply and in tune with nature.
Thank you so much! 🙏🏼

While lemon is acidic, it becomes alkaline when ingested. This is HUGE, as most of our diets contain way too much acid, which is very unhealthy.

what about limes instead? Are they as therapeutic ?

I think it is more of a habit stacking thing. I add cinnamon, raw cocoa and turmeric to my coffee and then enjoy it with the cream. Lemon water separately 😉

Gretchen that sounds great and I have all of those. Do you just put everything in powdered form straight into the coffee?

I’m 🤔, what’s the ratio of those 3? I used cinnamon this morning and also add a bit of cacao here & there

I do the same thing

Would be great to have attached scientific sources attached to the information so that we can check it out. Many thanks.

I drink lemon in my water. I’ve heard the beverage has to be cold in order for it to convert from acidic to alkaline. Haven’t been able to confirm that. Does anyone know?

the reason not to use hot water,as far as I know, is that above 45°celsius the vit C degrades and you loose most of it.

Hello,, I need some help,, I cannot find my download of lost herb remedies.. I received all the followup offers but I cannot find the download… How do I move forward.. I really need it.

I have the same issue.

I am unable to drink caffeinated drinks because it causes my inflammatory rosacea to flare up. (And it’s not just red cheeks, it’s bad, rashes and swelling all over my face.) My question is… Does Decaf coffee also have some of the benefits you listed about coffee or do these benefits come primarily from the caffeine?

I wish these news letters weren’t so long winded A short concise synopsis would be appreciated

I am going to try . ..thanks for sharing this!

I added problem with taste afterwards…might not have same benefits but it tasted a lot better. I eat lemons all the them.

It’s for weight loss. Stated in the article.

Not sure I but all the claims made in this article. I’d like to see a reference to the research to support these claims.

I thank you very much for your generosity. I already feel healthy knowing having purchased your book and reading and watching all your wonderful discoveries. Thank you from my heart.

Would you put just a little squeeze of lemon in? Thanks.

Can you have your coffee and have a shot of lemon juice after? I drink my lemon juice through a straw so it’s goes straight to the back of the mouth.

I love lemons 🍋 but I’m one of the ones who doesn’t drink coffee ☕️- smells like skunk 🦨 spray to me.

I have what is called “A Sweet tooth. …. So do advise ‘No Sugar’😀 unfortunately
I cannot take my ‘COFFEE’ without it . .. MIKE.
PS l need to loose weight as well.

I’m going to give this a go as my coffee ☕️ on milk gives me the huhum bug 😞thank you ,Shan

The title was: What Happens If You Squeeze Lemon In Your Coffee?But the article content was: What are some benefits of adding Lemon to your diet.

Misleading title.

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