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Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Tea - Cover

Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Tea

Turmeric has been used for thousands of years for its medicinal purposes, particularly its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. While it’s most commonly added to curries turmeric tea is a simple, fast, and effective way to reap all of the health benefits. Don’t be put off by the fact it’s such a bright color, the taste is much subtler luckily.

This anti-inflammatory turmeric tea recipe is great because you’ll be able to find all of the ingredients with no problem and may even have them at home already. You’ll be able to make this tea in just a few minutes once you’ve heated the water. Before showing you the recipe, let’s look at the medicinal benefits of the ingredients in this tea.

Medicinal Benefits Of This Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Tea

All of the ingredients in this tea have anti-inflammatory properties. They each have a plethora of other health benefits too. The ingredients I’m talking about are turmeric, black pepper, extra virgin olive oil, honey, and green tea.

How Do Anti-Inflammatory Foods Help Us?

While inflammation is an essential process and our body’s way of protecting us it is detrimental if it becomes chronic. When it works well, your body makes more white blood cells and cytokines to fight infections. When chronic inflammation occurs, it can lead to long-term damage and illnesses like heart disease and diabetes. That’s why eating anti-inflammatory foods is important to keep the balance.

Health Benefits Of Turmeric

Curcumin is the main active compound found in turmeric, which has amazing anti-inflammatory properties. It has been used to help treat rheumatoid arthritis for this reason. Other medicinal benefits are that it helps with heart health and treats some effects borne from heart disease. Curcumin has also been recognized as an anticarcinogen, protecting against cancer.

If you have diabetes or take blood thinners, you should speak to your doctor to check whether or not turmeric could interfere with your medication.

Health Benefits Of Black Pepper

Black pepper should be added to any drink or dish where you use turmeric because it’s said to aid the body in absorbing curcumin by as much as 2,000% thanks to its piperine. This very same organic compound, piperine, is useful in fighting inflammation.

Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Tea - Benefits

Black pepper also comes with additional health benefits such as supporting brain function, improving blood sugar control, lowering cholesterol, slowing the growth of cancer cells, and improving gut health.

Health Benefits Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It’s no secret that the Mediterranean diet is healthy and it’s had plenty of focus in recent years. Olive oil is one of the key ingredients used in kitchens across Mediterranean diets daily. As an example, the average person in Spain has 13 liters of olive oil every year, whereas the average person in the US only has 1 liter per year.

Most of the fatty acid in olive oil is oleic acid, which reduces inflammation. Extra virgin olive oil is the best quality and you should spend a little extra to include this in your diet. As well as being anti-inflammatory it has a host of other health benefits. Consuming more olive oil has been proven to lower your risk of heart disease, having a stroke, developing Alzheimer’s disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer.

Health Benefits Of Honey

Honey contains anti-inflammatory flavonoids. Honey is also anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. It can help to protect against a wide range of health conditions including heart disease, strokes, cancer, and eye issues.

Health Benefits Of Green tea

For this recipe, I am going to use matcha, which is powdered green tea leaves. You can use green tea leaves or a green tea bag if you prefer, although matcha is said to contain a lot more antioxidants than regular green tea, as well as extra calcium and protein. Either way, green tea is still very nutritious.

Green tea is anti-inflammatory and has been proven to benefit people with inflammatory diseases. It can also help prevent type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.

Now that you know all of the benefits of the ingredients, let’s look at how much of each to use so you can make this yourself.

How To Make This Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Tea

Using the portions below, each cup of tea will have approximately 70 calories. If you want to omit the honey you can and it’s perfectly drinkable without an added sweetener but the tea will have a more earthy flavor as you might expect.

Here is what you will need to make this tea and how to assemble it.


  • ½ Teaspoon turmeric powderAnti-Inflammatory Turmeric Tea - Ingredients
  • 1 Teaspoon extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 Teaspoon of honey
  • ½ Teaspoon of matcha / 1 Green tea bag (or fresh tea leaves)
  • Pinch of black pepper
  • 1 Cup of water (or more to fill your mug size)


  • Kettle or a pot


Since we are using green tea or matcha in this recipe you shouldn’t use boiling water. That’s because green tea leaves aren’t oxidized like black tea leaves and the leaves get scorched. For that reason, I find it easier to use a pot and bring the water to a near boil to heat it. However, if you use a kettle just flick the switch off before it boils or waits 10 minutes or so after the kettle has boiled so the temperature of the water has cooled somewhat.

  1. Heat your water until it has just about boiled.Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Tea - Step 1
  2. In the meantime, add ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder, 1 green tea bag or ½ teaspoon of matcha, and a pinch of black pepper to a mug.Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Tea - Step 2
  3. Pour the water into your mug when it’s ready and stir everything. If you’re going to use fresh tea leaves add these in a tea infuser after stirring.Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Tea - Step 3
  4. Wait 5 minutes and add 1 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil and 1 teaspoon of honey and stir everything. (Remove your tea bag or leaves first if you’re not using matcha).
  5. Once it’s at your preferred drinking temperature, your tea is ready.Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Tea - Step 5

You can drink 1 cup of this tea each day. You should drink it in the morning or afternoon but not in the evening. While it’s not harmful at all if you do drink it later since it contains calories and fatty acids this is harder to process and burn off while sleeping. Also, you will miss out on other benefits the tea provides like keeping you fuller for longer thanks to the extra virgin olive oil.

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Good Morning
Is there anything you suggest for Covid treatment?
Pneumonia ?

Fresh bougainvillea-flowers. You can find them in most gardens or on the side of the road. You can make them in a tea. It’s great for cough and respiratory issues.

I personally wouldn’t eat anything from a roadside. Chemical weed killer is used in so many places on roadsides

Do you have a picture of this plant?

A Booster

Wrong page for deluded dupes to be promoting clotshots.

Sad to say, but you are correct.

No need for insults zigazaga.
All you need is a sense of humour

What ever you do in regard to the pneumonia, do not reduce it with fever reducers. You should drink or take things like mullein or thyme tea to reduce mucous and therapy the lungs. Lots of lung therapy is needed. Apple cider vinegar is really good for pulling phlegm out and of course your natural immune boosters like zinc vitamin c, rose hips etc. I hope you get better soon. Holistic Coach.

Is a couple of ideas, plus it would be a good idea to do an onion poultice for your chest.

Covid relief. I use fresh Neem tea leaves to cure Covid in 2 days when started early. If starting late it might take a little longer. But it will kill that parasite NO DOUBT. I personally have seen the results in 20 people. Not for pregnant. 1 leaf per day duration of illness 1/2 leaf for minors. Take with GHEE.

When you say to ‘take’ the tea leaves, do you ingest the leaf or just make a tea from the leaf? And you say take with Ghee, do you mean put ghee in the tea? How much ghee?

Do have a recipe for how to make the tea?

Hi, I understood that oranges helped someone who had it. Worth a try!

I grow my own Neem trees. You can buy them. If you grow them, they have to be kept warm. They originated in India. The fruit, stems, and leaves are cancer cures and HIV cures as well as that Covid Parasite that kills everyone. Please boil 2 cups of water, pour into a cup with 5 leaves, steep until cool, drink the tea and eat the leaves. You will have 1/2 as much illness the next day. Repeat the process on the 2nd day and you will see. You killed the Parasite that is Covid-19. Not for pregnant.

I grow my own Neem trees. You can buy them. If you grow them, they have to be kept warm. They originated in India. The fruit, stems, and leaves are cancer cures and HIV cures as well as that Covid Parasite that kills everyone. Please boil 2 cups of water, pour into a cup with 5 leaves, steep until cool, drink the tea and eat the leaves. You will have 1/2 as much illness the next day. Repeat the process on the 2nd day and you will see. You killed the Parasite that is Covid-19. Great birth control.

Where can you buy Neem Trees? I live in Phoenix, Arizona. Is it possible to find them here?

I grow my own trees. You can buy them. If you grow them, they have to be kept warm. They originated in India. The fruit, stems, and leaves are cancer cures and HIV cures as well as that Covid Parasite that kills everyone. Please boil 2 cups of water, pour into a cup with 5 leaves, steep until cool, drink the tea and eat the leaves. You will have 1/2 as much illness the next day. Repeat the process on the 2nd day and you will see. You killed the Parasite that is Covid-19. Great birth control.

What I did the morning I knew I had it. I knew when I tasted my omelet something was really wrong. I was prepared with the horse ivermectin and the human ivermectin. My gut told to use the horse ivermectin. It is only $7.98 verses the over $60 I paid for the human. I looked at the first line on the tube, which shows no weight but is for 125 lbs. Learned this from one of our vets. The second line is 250. I weighed 155 at the time and I used the amount at the first line. I bit it off and flattened it with my tongue. Did it taste good, not really but it works. I knew I may have the problem with it going into my lungs as why I treated it immediately and within the first 48 hours. Next I thought I still may get mucus and I have a recipe to use for sinus that, for me, also brings up what is in your bronchiole tubes. Cough was the worst part of it. I gargled with my recipe, which is 2T Bragg’s apple cider vinegar, w/mother, (awake it up) 1 to 2 tsp of organic honey if you have it, (Manuka is the best but the price has gone off the chart since COVID). I have used other honey’s and they work. Last 1/8 tsp iodized salt. Put the honey in an 8 to 10 oz glass of very warm water to melt it. Add vinegar and salt. Mix and sip and gargle until you get to within 3 swallows, about an inch and a half, at the bottom and drink it. This is ver important. I had no mucus the first day. The second day I didn’t gargle in the morning. By mid afternoon I was in my living room and it felt like someone through a handful of mucus into my airways. I could barely breathe. I got to the kitchen and prepared my gargle recipe and gargled three sips and spit them out. After the third time I gargled the mucus disappeared as fast as it came. It is important you gargle 3 times a day at least until after the fever breaks, but I would do it until I knew it was over. According to CDC I was clear to to out 24 hours after the fever broke but I stayed in a few more days as I was over the worst in 5 days and actually free to leave my house. The cough will linger for about two weeks but it is not bad. I took the ivermectin again the third day and that was all I did. I am a horse person and I had faith in our vet. He was right. They scared most people away from this method due to many overdosing. More is not better but too little is not good either. It is not hard to figure out your weight measurement from the tube. I would do it again in a heart beat. According to my son, I may have had the COVID two weeks before I lost my taste and smell as I had an extremely bad headache for two weeks, 24/7. I had no fever until the day I knew I had the COVID. The headaches must be fairly rare as my son had mentioned they don’t list it anymore. I pray you never get it. I was really not anxious when I knew I had it as I had myself condition and prepared for it.The vinegar recipe is a keeper. I never have sinus infections anymore, Praise God, and I was having them every year. God Bless You.

Ellen, I’ve not been able to find Ivermectin on any of the shelves. Ordered it online and that fell through at the last minute just before it was going to ship. Do you have any leads on where I can order it?

Can’t wait to make this!

For the beginning of a head or/& chest cold take a TBS of fermented honey & garlic cloves.
Fill a pint canning jars with fresh organic raw cleaned garlic cloves, then pour raw organic honey over them to cover. Put lid on jar.
Place jar in dark, cool area in kitchen. Shake well every few days. Useable after 2 months of fermentation. Never put in frig. You can eat the garlic with a tablespoon on the honey. The garlic will turn brown from the honey. As it is used up, add more fresh garlic and honey to jar, shake well. Just keep adding as needed. This recipe has held me and mine in getting over a cold fast! 🤩.

I also did this along with thyme, turmeric and ginger. I wasn’t sure about the fermentation so I strained it off but now I know. Thanks for this info.

Anti-Inflammator tumeric tea: can you use essential oils for the turmeric and black pepper?

Hi Kathleen,

There’s a lot of confusion on herbs vs. essential oils and whether they can be used interchangeably or if substitutions can be made for one another.

Essential oils can be safe for internal use if you are using high-quality, organic, adequately tested, and sourced essential oils.

If the essential oil says it is for “aromatherapy only” then do not use it in your tea. Those types of oils have been blended with perfumes or toxins to achieve the aroma and are not safe for ingestion. If your oil says it is “natural” “organic” or “pure”, it may still have additives, so read the entire label to be certain the essential oil is fit for consumption.

Essential oils are 75 – 100 times more concentrated than whole herbs. One drop of essential oil could be equivalent to a handful of pounds of the herb. So ingesting the wrong amount of essential oils can burn the mucosa in your mouth, esophagus, gut lining, and beyond in the digestive tract.

Always ask your doctor or another medical professional when taking herbs or essential oils for health. Many herbs interact with prescription drugs and are not recommended for use by someone who is pregnant or nursing.

Many blessings and good health!

Can the ingredients in the Tumeric tea be purchase as a bag of tea from a health food store?

I drink turmeric tea all the time for the health benefits. I usually add cinnamon and/OR ginger. I will try this version with the olive oil and honey and a green tea bag.
I can’t drink the matcha tea, but regular green tea is o.k. i’ll share my experience with drinking matcha green tea in case someone else has the same issue.
Whenever I drank it I immediately began to itch all over. Couldn’t figure out why that was happening., but I FINALLY did and now I just don’t drink it. I wish I could because of all the wonderful health benefits, but it doesn’t work for me.
IF you’ve never drank it you might want to order a small bag to give it a try. I got my (large) bag on amazon.
I really love all these articles about the herbs and what they can do for you, I look forward to the next one!

Carol, you were having an allergic reaction to the tea or something you put in

So all’s good if I add ginger?

What if you are diabetic Can i leave out the honey?

Hi Mina,

Yes, you can leave it out.
Or you can replace it with other sugar substitutes:

Many blessings and good health!

Can this tea be made by the batch? Will it keep?

Hi Marylin,

Brewed tea generally lasts 2 to 5 days in the fridge. Be sure to place the brewed tea in an airtight container.

Many blessings and good health!

Ghee is a good fat. If you eat fat in your diet you might not need it to protect your stomach lining. You can cook the Neem in the ghee or in a soup or marinara sauce. Boiling the Neem leaves is fast for us on the goers. So add a little to the water.

If you are asking if Neem Tea can be batched the answer is yes but you have to freeze it if not used immediately. What I do is pluck the tree then batch fresh leaves in separate containers with water and freeze. Then take out the individual pre-portioned container and boil the tea. Once your illness is contained. You can eat 1 leaf per week for prophylactic purposes. (Ongoing protection) BE CAREFUL OF OVER USE!!! LET YOUR OWN IMMUNE TAKEOVER WHEN YOU FEEL IT CAN. If you take prescription meds the Neem removes them too. So keep a close monitor of that. Don’t skip meds.

April 2020 I woke at 3 am with high fever and very sore throat. Took my protocol to fight viruses -1000- 1800 mg of vitamin C ascorbates powder, 8-10 caps of hi-potency probiotics, 1 tsp silver aqua sol liquid, 2 caps Olive leaf extract capsules. I woke again about 4 and then 5 AM. Each time I Took all those again. Woke at 9:30 AM with no sore throat or fever! Stayed relaxed and continued with protocol every 2-3 hours. Had flushing of cheeks and very tired in afternoon around 3 pm and for those next 3 days. Then none but slight nausea moments on 5th day. I had been taking less of each substance during these days just 3 -4 times daily for a couple days tapering off slowly. Virus can not replicate in a high dosage of vitamin C see for their scientific papers on this and other vitamin therapy. Probiotics are 75% of immune system (Large amounts of fermented products would help too) silver shield is a safer colloidal silver that does not collect in tissues and is anti viral anti bacterial and anti fungal . Olive leaf is a powerful anti viral.

Hi Elaine, glad that you are better, sounds like you know exactly what to do to fight off the virus. I wish the government and the medical people would get on board and stop playing games with people’s lives! I’m sure this omicron won’t be the last strain to come around… I’m wondering if you can share with me where you got all the different supplements etc. That you take. Do you order from Herbal Healer Academy? I’ve ordered in the past, and have some silver shield, and colliadol silver from years ago. Does it go bad, or could it be still good? I don’t think they ship it in the winter months. What is the high potency probiotics that you took? Thank you for all your good knowledge. Is it possible to private message you somehow? (I’m not on facebook) I think we are local to each other…..(or you have the same name as someone I know)

Hi Carol, yes the big Pharma police keep this info censored. I get my products from NSP. Go to and i can link you to where you can get it direct at wholesale cost. I’d also be happy to answer your questions. I live in central MA. Where are you?

Sorry. forgot to answer all your questions in first answer. the Nature’s Sunshine products silver shield does not go bad to my knowledge. The probiotic i keep on hand for bad issues is Eleven Elevated from NSP.

Hi Elaine,
Yes we do know each other! I will email you….thanks, Carol

Could MCT Oil be used instead of EVO?

Hi Sharon,

Yes, MCT is a great alternative for those unable to tolerate other oils, such as olive oil.
However, both the MCT and the olive oil are broken down into ATP molecules at different rates, thereby causing a difference in MCT oil vs olive oil.
For instance, MCT oil undergoes fast metabolism, and hence a large amount of energy is released in no time.
But, olive oil fatty acids undergo a slower reaction rate. As a result, energy is produced slowly in your body over the hours after consumption.

Many blessings and good health!

Hi Sharon,

Thank you for your interest in herbal remedies!
Yes, you can replace it with MCT oil.

Many blessings and good health!

What can I use instead of black pepper? I am allergic to it!!!

My friend was just diagnosed with prostate cancer. Please andvice!

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