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How to make the hulk tincture at home to boost your energy - Cover

How to Make the Hulk Tincture at Home to Boost Your Energy

Green oats (Avena sativa), otherwise known as milky oats have been harvested and used medicinally for generations and are aptly named. Essentially, they are immature oats that haven’t opened their flowers or produced seeds yet. They are still green in color and produce a milky, white sap.

Being wind-pollinated, you will often find wild oats growing on the side of the road or popping up in your garden. In spring, you can use the green, fresh oat tops to boost your energy by turning them into a green-colored tincture; a Hulk Tincture.

Why Use Green Oats Instead of Dried Oats?

Research shows that when the oats are developing and are still green, they are higher in antioxidants and dopamine which are closely linked to improving mental health, cognitive function, and energy levels.

How to make the hulk tincture at home to boost your energy 2

Why a Hulk Tincture?

You can definitely harvest your green oats and eat them straight away, but this requires de-husking them first which can be a very tedious, but delicious method; just be prepared to ‘pop’ a large bowl of green oats to make a small smoothie. Of course, the other option is a green oat tea, which avoids having to de-husk them.How to make the hulk tincture at home to boost your energy 3

However, neither of these are long term methods since there is only a very narrow window of opportunity to harvest the oats in their “green” or “milky” stage; approximately a week.

How to make the hulk tincture at home to boost your energy 4

A tincture, on the other hand, will allow you to benefit from green oats throughout the whole year by infusing the medicinal properties into either alcohol or glycerin.

How to Harvest Green Oats

First make sure the timing is right: Select a single oat seed that is green and plump and squeeze it. If it produces a white, milky juice then it is ready to harvest. You want to harvest before the miniscule flower has appeared out of the tip of the oat.

How to make the hulk tincture at home to boost your energy 5

Then, just like when you were a kid, gently grab the green stalk of the oat plant and slide your hand up the stalk which will pull off the green oats and deposit them straight into your palm. Easy.

How to make the hulk tincture at home to boost your energy 6

Make sure to use your freshly harvested green oats as soon as possible (preferably within 24 hours).

How to Make the Hulk Tincture

Once you have harvested your green oats, put them straight into a jar and cover them with either high alcohol (at least 40% alcohol), or diluted glycerin (1-part pure glycerin with 3-parts distilled water). Use a stick mixer to roughly blend the green oats.How to make the hulk tincture at home to boost your energy 7

Close the lid and put the jar in a cool, dark location and give it a little shake every day. Leave it for 2 weeks and then strain away the oats so that you are left with a green colored liquid; your Hulk Tincture.

Dosage and Shelf-life

Take approximately 1 – 2 droppers full (1.5 – 3 ml) three times a day.

This Hulk tincture should last approximately 1 year when stored in the fridge.

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Can you use dried oats if you don’t have fresh oats and still get the same results?

No. The dried oats are a good bowl of oatmeal to give you long lasting energy for the day, but they won’t have the dopamine levels, nor will dried grains of any type have the same antioxidant benefits that greens often have. The reason for making the tincture in the first place is to preserve these ephemeral properties that are lost as the grain matures and dries out.

Thank you for your answer.

WHAT effect does this tincture have on the body human when consumed as directed. “Hulk Tincture” can mean many things to different people. I would hope that it won’t turn me into a green man . . .

Antioxidants and dopamine consumption improves mental health, cognitive function, and energy levels.

I dont like to click on one of your offers, such as how to make calcium pills from eggshells, and watch being forwarded to a book offer. What kind of incentive is this? If you offer a recipe, then send it directly, and not as a marketing tool to buy another book. Please!

Can one buy green oats at a health food store?

Not unless that store is germinating their own specifically, as some do with wheat grass. You might find it already in tincture form, though.


How does an energy promoting tincture with dopamine effects affect rhose w high bp issues and those on bp meds?

I like your question. I was wondering the same thing.

What is the quantity of green oats to liquid?

Never mind , I see my answer, cover them with liquid

So what’s the window of opportunity here?? I’m in Chicago land, was wondering if I already missed the boat

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