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Boost Hair Growth with Castor Oil

Having thick, healthy hair is a desire shared by many. While there are numerous products on the market promising hair growth, sometimes the most effective solutions lie in nature itself.  I am excited to share with you how to boost hair growth with castor oil.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of castor oil, understand how it stimulates hair growth, and provide you with practical recipes for incorporating castor oil into your hair care routine. Let’s dive in and unlock the secrets to healthy hair!

What is Castor Oil

Boost Hair Growth with Castor Oil - castor plant

Castor oil, derived from the seeds of the Ricinus communis plant, has long been used for its hair-nourishing properties.

One of the most notable features of the Ricinus communis is its distinctive appearance. Growing up to 10 feet tall, the plant exhibits large, palmate leaves with serrated edges and vibrant red, green, or variegated colors. Its striking appearance has earned it a place in ornamental gardens, adding a touch of exotic beauty.

However, the true value of the castor plant lies in its seeds. The seeds, commonly known as castor beans, are the source of castor oil, which has been used for centuries in numerous applications. Castor oil extraction involves crushing the seeds and then subjecting them to high heat, resulting in a pale-yellow oil rich in essential fatty acids, primarily ricinoleic acid. The seeds harbor a toxic enzyme known as ricin. Nonetheless, the production process of castor oil involves heat treatment, effectively deactivating the ricin and rendering the oil safe for use.

Understanding the Power of Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Boost Hair Growth with Castor Oil - castor beans

Castor oil has gained popularity for its remarkable ability to nourish and strengthen hair follicles, leading to enhanced hair growth. Its unique composition provides the following benefits:

Scalp Nourishment: Castor oil moisturizes the scalp, preventing dryness and flakiness that can hinder hair growth. It also improves blood circulation to the hair follicles, ensuring they receive essential nutrients for optimal growth.

Antimicrobial Properties: Castor oil’s antimicrobial properties help combat scalp infections, dandruff, and inflammation, creating a healthier environment for hair growth.

Strengthens Hair Shaft: The nourishing properties of castor oil help strengthen the hair shaft, reducing breakage and split ends, and promoting overall hair health.

Hair Thickness and Volume: Regular application of castor oil can improve hair thickness and volume, giving you fuller locks.

Using Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Incorporating castor oil into your hair care routine can be simple and effective. Here are a few ways to use castor oil to boost hair growth:

Boost Hair Growth with Castor Oil - castor oil

Castor Oil Scalp Massage: Gently warm some castor oil and massage it into your scalp using your fingertips. Leave it on for a minimum of 30 minutes or overnight for deep nourishment. Rinse thoroughly with a mild shampoo.

Castor Oil Hair Mask: Combine castor oil with other beneficial ingredients such as coconut oil, aloe vera gel, or essential oils like rosemary or lavender. Apply the mixture to your scalp and hair, focusing on the roots. Leave it on for at least 1-2 hours before washing it off.

Castor Oil Pre-Shampoo Treatment: Apply castor oil to your hair and scalp before shampooing. Leave it on for 15-30 minutes to allow the oil to penetrate and nourish the hair follicles. Proceed with your regular shampoo and conditioning routine.

You should check out this easy and effective Hair Loss Protocol available at page 274 in The Holistic Guide to Wellness.

Castor Oil Recipe for Hair Growth

Here is a recipe using castor oil to boost hair growth:

Castor Oil and Coconut Oil Hair Mask
  • 2 tablespoons castor oil
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil
  • 5 drops of rosemary essential oil (optional)


Boost Hair Growth with Castor Oil - applying hair mask
  1. In a bowl, mix the castor oil and coconut oil until well combined.
  2. Add the rosemary essential oil and mix again.
  3. Apply the mixture to your scalp and hair, focusing on the roots.
  4. Gently massage your scalp for a few minutes to stimulate blood circulation.
  5. Leave the mask on for 1-2 hours or overnight for maximum benefits.
  6. Rinse thoroughly with a gentle shampoo and conditioner.

You can also make a mask with castor oil, aloe vera gel and lavender essential oil.

If you’re using a castor oil mask to stimulate hair growth, you can apply it once or twice a week. It’s important not to overdo it, as excessive oiling might lead to clogged pores or greasy hair.

For skin issues like dryness, acne, or wrinkles, you can apply a castor oil face mask two to three times a week. However, if you have sensitive skin, it’s best to start with less frequent applications to see how your skin reacts.

Other Uses of Castor Oil

Castor oil is classified as a stimulative laxative, meaning it increases the movement of intestinal muscles, facilitating bowel clearance. Approved by the FDA as such, stimulative laxatives like castor oil work rapidly and are commonly used for temporary constipation relief or bowel preparation before medical procedures. When ingested, castor oil breaks down in the small intestine, releasing ricinoleic acid. The acid is then absorbed by the intestine, triggering a robust laxative effect.

Numerous studies have demonstrated the efficacy of castor oil in relieving constipation, with positive results observed in older adults and in bowel preparation for colon capsule endoscopy. However, caution should be exercised as larger amounts of castor oil can lead to adverse effects like abdominal cramping, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Therefore, it is not recommended as a long-term treatment for health concerns.

This compound has been shown to also alleviate skin inflammation, promote healing, and assist in pain reduction for individuals with wounds. Notably, research has revealed the effectiveness of castor oil-based ointments in treating various types of wounds.

The Bottom Line

Harnessing the power of nature is a wise choice when it comes to promoting hair growth and overall hair health. By incorporating castor oil into your hair care routine through scalp massages, hair masks, or pre-shampoo treatments, you can stimulate hair growth, combat dryness and inflammation, and enjoy fuller and healthier hair.

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Medicinal Plant Map for Every State

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Is any type of Castor oil ok to use or is there one you recommend?

I would go with organic hexane-free castor oil.

Your email teaser says:
A new compound has been discovered in castor oil that helps aging hair follicles. 

You just have to activate it with another very common herb.

Yet your article says rosemary is optional and can be substituted. So do you have an answer for the teaser, hopefully with a citation?

So what is this compound that activates castor oil and make it more powerful?
Few months ago I treated my hair with exactly the same recipe mentioned in your article and it even worsened my hair loss.

I’ve been using Castro oil not only for hair, but also back pain and stomach aches as a polis. He put it on a rag and then put it on your pain is is an amazing thing. I’ve also used it every once in a while as a mouthwash to help my gums and prevent root canals.

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