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Two Powerful (and Surprising) Methods for Detoxing Your Brain

The lymphatic system is well-known for waste removal and detoxification, but have you heard of the glymphatic system? It is a recently discovered macroscopic waste clearance system that helps to detoxify your central nervous system, including your brain. It is essentially your brain’s garbage collector, and it is critical for cognitive health. Quality sleep and exercise have a significant impact on the system’s efficiency.

The Connection Between Sleep and Brain Detoxification

We all know the importance of sleep for our mental and physical well-being. And now researchers have found another reason we should make sure we are getting enough quality sleep: brain detoxification. A study published in Neurochemical Research using animal models found that brain cells spread out during sleep, allowing for waste to be removed by the glymphatic system. According to the press release, “Brain may flush out toxins during sleep”.Two Powerful (and Surprising) Methods for Detoxing Your Brain- Woman Sleeping

“Sleep changes the cellular structure of the brain. It appears to be a completely different state,” said Maiken Nedergaard, M.D., D.M.Sc., co-director of the Center for Translational Neuromedicine at the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York, and a leader of the study.

The team found that the glymphatic system opens up during sleep, which lets fluid flow swiftly through the brain, flushing out toxins. But when the animals were awake, the system was hardly active. Next, mice were injected with beta-amyloid, a protein associated with Alzheimer’s disease. They found that this protein was cleared much more rapidly when the animals were asleep compared to times of consciousness, indicating the detoxifying function of the glymphatic system during sleep.

Researchers believe it may also “help to distribute non-waste compounds, such as glucose, lipids, amino acids, and neurotransmitters related to volume transmission, in the brain.” Interestingly, this system largely only functions during sleep, which is another reason why we should take steps to encourage deep, rejuvenating rest each night. More on how to do this below.

The Importance of Exercise for Cognitive Health

Two Powerful (and Surprising) Methods for Detoxing Your Brain- Exercise

Similarly, research has shown that exercise can have a significant positive impact on detoxifying the brain. One study found that glymphatic activity in the brain doubled when mice ran on a wheel, compared to those who didn’t exercise. The active mice ran a total distance of 6 km a day during the study. The researchers discovered that the activation of the glymphatic system impacted widespread areas of the brain, demonstrating the positive benefits of exercise on cognitive health.

The team concluded: “Regular exercise is increasingly showing benefits for many aspects of brain health, including the maintenance of cerebrovascular integrity. We propose that heightened glymphatic activity induced by exercise may favor brain health by enhancing clearance of neurotoxic waste products from the brain.”

What’s more, a consistent exercise routine can also help to boost energy, enhance memory, curb depression and anxiety, and improve outcomes for those with neurodegenerative disorders such as multiple sclerosis.

How to Encourage Deep, Restful Sleep

Two Powerful (and Surprising) Methods for Detoxing Your Brain- Hops, Valerian, German Chamomile, PassionflowerHerbal remedies are another powerful method for cultivating deep, restful sleep. My favorite herbs for quality sleep include Hops, Valerian root, German chamomile, and Passionflower. Magnesium glycinate also encourages deeper sleep and supports healthy REM patterns.

Supplementation with this form of magnesium has also been shown to provide rapid recovery from major depression in under seven days. It eases anxiety and irritability as well. If you need extra help in achieving sound, restorative sleep, the four botanicals mentioned above plus magnesium glycinate are included in my potent Sleep Blend Tincture.

Quality sleep not only affects how well your brain will be able to detoxify, but it also can impact your mental health, hormonal balance, and even your weight. If you find that you are not getting at least seven hours of sound, rejuvenating sleep each night, a good nighttime sleep routine may be in order.

Make sure to stop using your devices and/or television at least two hours before bedtime to avoid circadian rhythm disrupting blue light exposure. Next, engaging in relaxing activities such as a warm bath, reading or listening to soothing music each night will send a signal to your nervous system that it is time to wind down and prepare for sleep.

Personally, I’ve had great success healing my severe fatigue by following an anti-inflammatory diet, reducing stress and practicing gratitude, and using the products in my Brain Bundle on a daily basis.

Visit the apothecary today and sleep easy!

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Could you combine the 4 and make a tincture with it?

Hi Elaina,

Thank you for your interest in this article!
Yes, you can combine them in a tincture. They work well together.

Many blessings and good health!

Hi Nicole, Thank You for making this. I just purchased this tincture for myself, and wanted to send one to my son in TX, but although I put the correct zip code in, it wouldn’t allow me to send it. What to do? Also, would I be eligible for the discount for passing this on to someone else to try? It sure would help.

I can’t wait to receive mine, and help my brain…. LOOKING FORWARD and will write a review once I check out this product of yours. Thanks Nicole. BE WELL>


Hi Marcia,

Thank you for your comment!
For inquiries regarding Nicole’s Apothecary products please check the FAQ page or send an email via this Contact Form:

Many blessings and good health!

How would I use these? I have hops growing in my yard and not sure about the other 3. Thank you

Hi Bob,

Thank you for your interest in this article!
You can brew teas, or make a tincture out of these plants.

Many blessings and good health!

hello, do you ship to australia

Hi Sonia,

Thank you for your comment!
For inquiries regarding Nicole’s Apothecary products please check the FAQ page or send an email via this Contact Form:

Many blessings and good health!

What is the purpose of the grain alcohol in the tincture?

The alcohol is what pulls the medicinal properties out of the hers used to create the tinture. Some use glycerin or vinegar however alcohol does a much more potent tinture.

magnesium glycinate is complete failure for me, I couldn’t sleep after taking it at all and i’ve heard of other people, who react the same way

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