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Homemade Whiskey Rose Tonic

How do you like a shot of whiskey laced with the floral flavor of rose? How about taking it not to get tipsy but to address a current ailment?

Whiskey, rum, and gin are strong spirits but in traditional medicine, these are important tonics that complete every grandma’s arsenal of remedies.

If you are looking for an excuse to chuck a pint while you’re sick, this might be it. But, please note that the healing effect of whiskey is only good when taken moderately.

Does Whiskey Have Health Benefits?

Did you know that whiskey is considered the healthiest among all alcoholic drinks?

Single malt whiskey has a high concentration of an antioxidant called ellagic acid. Ellagic acid is a powerful anti-inflammatory compound that protects cells from oxidative stress. It can help prevent several chronic illnesses like cancer and autoimmune diseases. I’ll share with you several reasons why whiskey is a home remedy that our great-grandparents recommend.

Effective Antiseptic

In the Middle Ages, whiskey was used as an antiseptic in cuts and wounds to prevent septicemia (blood poisoning caused by bacteria.) It was a key ingredient for treating wounds and shoulder pains.

Modern studies were conducted on the efficacy of whiskey in killing bacteria. It shows positive results in a consistent reduction of bacteria including Staphylococcus.

The Natural Antibiotic My Grandmother Used to Make (Video)

Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease

Distilled from grains, whiskey contains polyphenols. This helps lower the bad cholesterol or LDL in the body while boosting the HDL or good cholesterol. It also reduces triglycerides and prevents the buildup of fats or plaques in the arteries.

Improves Digestion

Taking whiskey after a meal stimulates the production of stomach enzymes which help break down food. This is useful if you suffer indigestion or have eaten too much. However, alcohol is not always the best option for indigestion. It can irritate the stomach lining and cause acid reflux instead.

Improves Brain Function

When taken infrequently and in moderation, whiskey can do wonders for the aging brain. It may lower the risk of dementia by maintaining the chemical balance in the brain. According to a study, drinking 1 to 6 shots of whiskey a week lowers the risk of dementia.

Helps with Cold & Flu

A hot toddy is a drink made of whiskey, water, honey, and lemon, sometimes with added spices like cinnamon. This mid-18th-century beverage is still a classic when flu season rolls in. The ingredients in hot toddy do not cure flu and colds. However, they boost the immune system to fight off pathogens. Whiskey helps dilate the blood vessels and thin mucus to clear congestion.

The health benefits of a whiskey rose concoction are reaped by low to moderate use. It is also applicable to mild illnesses like menstrual pain, depression, and inflammations. If you have a chronic cough, this could also help.

Do not take this homemade tonic before driving or any task that requires focus and attention.

Are Rose Petals Any Good?

Homemade Whiskey Rose Tonic - plucking rose petals

You can use many herbs when preparing a hot toddy or tonic. The thing is, I have kept a stash of dried roses and I want to put them to good use.

I like to gather them and use them as decoration for salads. Sometimes, I would steep dried petals into tea, or make a salve.

Soothing Properties

Roses possess antidepressant properties which can help relax a stressed mind. They’re often used in aromatherapy for their ability to relieve nervous tension. They have great benefits against insomnia, depression, and other related conditions.


From treating sore throat to alleviating joint inflammation, rose is an effective plant to consider. It has bioflavonoids that relieve chronic pain and reduce inflammation. Rose water works well for skin inflammations and sore throats.

Alleviate Digestive Issues

Rose tea can treat stomach troubles. It is traditionally used in treating diarrhea and dysentery. It is also good for bloating, intestinal infections, and other infections related to the digestive tract. Rose tea is also effective in flushing out excess fat and curbing hunger. This may benefit people who want to lose weight.

Helps with Menstrual Cramps

Rose tea is good for relieving problems related to the menstrual period. It can alleviate cramps, bloating, and psychological stress during the period. Women who drink rose tea have fewer bouts of anxiety and stress as they deal with their hormonal changes.

Homemade Whiskey Rose Tonic

Homemade Whiskey Rose Tonic - dried rose petals in hand

Whiskey rose tonic is an age-old home remedy that instituted itself in many mid-century books. It is an affordable remedy that has helped many generations ace through common illnesses.

This whiskey rose tonic might be the beverage that you need for anxiety problems.

You may use fresh or dried rose petals for this recipe, and any variety or color as they will produce different levels of fragrance and colors when steeped.

If you use fresh rose buds and petals, you may need more to fill the container than you would with dried flowers.

For the whiskey, choose whatever is available such as scotch or bourbon. If you have malt and wheat allergies, brandy will do. Brandy is a spirit made from wine and fruit juices and not from the malt that makes up whiskey.

You will need:
  • A mason jar or any glass jar
  • Homemade Whiskey Rose Tonic - ingredientsFresh or dried rose buds and petals (just enough to fill it but not packed)
  • Whiskey
  • Raw honey, about 1/3 of the glass jar
  • The peels of one lemon
  • Plastic wrap to place on the lid of mason jars with metal lids.
  1. Fill the jar with roses.
  2. Pour honey over the roses until saturated.Homemade Whiskey Rose Tonic - pour honey
  3. Add the lemon peel and pour more honey over them.Homemade Whiskey Rose Tonic -add lemon
  4. Fill with whiskey to the top.Homemade Whiskey Rose Tonic - pour whiskey
  5. Place the plastic wrap over the lid, put on the lid, and shake well. Store the mixture in a dark place for about six weeks, shaking the jar once in a while.put in a dark place

How to Use This Remedy

Strain the mixture into a clean jar once ready. Take a spoonful of the tonic.

Alternatively, you can also add a spoonful of whiskey rose tonic to a cup of warm water. This is great for clearing congestion if you have a cold.

The dosage for the whiskey rose tonic depends on your tolerance. But that doesn’t mean you can overindulge. This remedy is not ideal for children though you can still prepare a non-alcoholic version by omitting alcohol. You can fill it completely with honey instead for a tasty rose petal-infused honey that you can still use as a cough remedy.

One of the benefits of adding whiskey is its prolonged shelf life. It can act as a preserving agent and make the solution last for about a year. Putting the jar in the refrigerator also helps. Just make sure not to use a metal lid. Or if you do, use plastic wrap to separate it from the jar to protect it from rust.

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Thank you so much, I appreciate your teaching. I will try the recipe

Thank you ! this is really interesting!…gonna try it!

Could you substitute grapefruit peelings instead of lemon

Sorry to be picky but you must differentiate between WHISKEY and WHISKY. Whiskey is NOT made in Scotland. Whisky is. You will find that they have very different characteristics. The bottle that you show (VAT 69 -jokingly called the Popes telephone number) is a blended whisky and lacking in much of the flavinoids of a true malt whisky.
Whiskey is made in Ireland, The US, Japan and other countries around the world.
Whisky is only made in Scotland.

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