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Herbs to Boost Oxytocin, the Happiness Hormone - Cover

Herbs to Boost Oxytocin, the Happiness Hormone

Oxytocin is a hormone and neurotransmitter produced in the hypothalamus. Even if you’ve never heard of it until now, you’ve definitely felt the effects when you’ve hugged or been intimate with someone else. In addition to being involved with childbirth and breastfeeding, oxytocin is associated with trust, empathy, and relationships. For this reason, it is also known as the ‘happiness hormone’ or ‘love hormone.’

Oxytocin is generally considered beneficial for mental health because it can relieve anxiety and stress and make us more social. It also appears to inspire some of humanity’s more admirable qualities such as love, loyalty, trustworthiness, courage, and empathy. Typical signs of a deficiency include:

  • Difficulty feeling affection
  • Dislike of social interactions
  • Trouble maintaining relationships
  • Being told you lack empathy

If you feel that low oxytocin levels may be lowering your mood, certain herbs have been shown to naturally address deficiencies and boost your mood. Let’s take a closer look at each one.


Herbs to Boost Oxytocin, the Happiness Hormone - ChamomileChamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) has traditionally been used for its calming and anti-inflammatory properties. Its delicate taste makes it one of the most popular herbal teas on the market, and chamomile extract is a common ingredient in massage oils due to its soothing scent.

One study reviewed the effects of chamomile on patients with generalized anxiety disorder. It showed a gradual reduction of moderate to severe symptoms over a five-year period, although it did not have a significant effect on relapse. This suggested a correlation between chamomile and reduced stress indicates that a cup of chamomile tea a day can possibly chase the blues away!

You can purchase premade tea in any health food shop. If you have access to fresh chamomile, pour 8 oz of boiling water over three tablespoons of flowers (add a sprig of mint for extra taste) and steep for five minutes. Strain and serve.


Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) is a popular herbal supplement traditionally used to improve sex drive. Recent studies also suggest that it can tackle issues related to low oxytocin levels, such as depression and anxiety and reduced breast milk production.Herbs to Boost Oxytocin, the Happiness Hormone - Fenugreek

  • This placebo-controlled study examined the effect of fenugreek extract on perimenopausal women and found that it significantly improved symptoms like depression and insomnia.
  • This study assessed the impact of fenugreek tea on breast milk production and found that mothers who drank the tea produced more milk and their babies regained their birth weight more quickly.

Fenugreek seeds are a staple of East Indian diets, so incorporating more of these foods into your diet can have a positive impact on oxytocin levels. You can also grind them into flour for addition in bread recipes or make a tea by simmering one teaspoon of lightly crushed seeds in a cup of boiling water for approximately three minutes, followed by 15 minutes of steeping. Strain and add honey or nutmeg (or both)!

Coffee Berry

Herbs to Boost Oxytocin, the Happiness Hormone - Coffee BerryThere’s a reason why so many people start their day with a cup of coffee (Coffea). Not only does it wake you up more quickly, it also leaves you feeling more energized and productive. In a social setting, it also brings people together and encourages conversion, which is why we love to get together with friends for coffee.

If you’re not a coffee drinker, you can try boosting oxytocin by consuming the whole coffee berry instead. To roast coffee, the bean is traditionally removed from the coffee fruit, which is then discarded. However, this fruit contains healthy compounds not found in the beans themselves. This study found a positive correlation between the consumption of whole coffee cherry extract and reduction of cognitive impairment in older adults, improving their overall mood.

Clary Sage

Clary sage (Salvia sclarea) is an aromatic member of the mint family and has been used as a culinary and medicinal herb. Research suggests that its essential oil increases oxytocin levels in the brain while reducing cortisol and improving thyroid hormone levels, especially in women. This study in particular found that inhaling clary sage oil can increase oxytocin in women during pregnancy.

Herbs to Boost Oxytocin, the Happiness Hormone - Clary SageYou can inhale the oil, apply it directly to your skin, or mix two or three drops with water and diffuse it via a burner. 100% essential oil may be added to food, smoothies, or tea for a soothing and uplifting effect. You can purchase it in shops or make a cooking oil by following the directions below:

  • Wash and dry two cups of lightly packed clary sage leaves, then place them in a jar with a tight-fitting lid along with around 20 lightly crushed peppercorns.
  • Heat two cups of pure olive oil to around 105 degrees F / 40 degrees C before pouring it into the jar. Make sure all the leaves are covered.
  • Allow the oil to cool.
  • Secure the lid on the jar and store it in a cool, dark spot for three weeks. Shake the jar three or four times a week.
  • Once the infusion process is complete, pour the oil through a strainer, add 10 more peppercorns, and store,

Anise Seed

Anise (Pimpinella anisum) is a member of the parsley family. Its aromatic seeds have been used in cooking and traditional herbal medicine for centuries, due to their rich nutrients and ability to treat a wide range of health concerns, including depression.

One study carried out in the Middle East found that consuming anise seeds could increase oxytocin levels in pregnant women. Another study, also involving pregnant women, noted that it was equally effective at reducing symptoms of postpartum depression. This is not to say that men won’t benefit from taking anise seeds: this study found that male and female IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) patients who took anise oil experienced a reduction in mild to moderate depression.

You can add whole or ground anise seeds to bread dough, pastry filling, and even ground meat before cooking. A high-quality anise extract can be used to flavor drinks such as coffee and hot chocolate. If you have access to the seeds, you can make a delicious tea by placing one teaspoon of slightly crushed seeds in a teapot, pouring one and a half cups of boiling water over them, and letting them simmer for three minutes on low heat. Strain and serve.

Take Away

Healthy oxytocin levels can boost feelings of security, contentment, and love for those you are already close to, as well as make you more open to new relationships and opportunities. If you’ve been encountering difficulties in any of these areas, the herbs outlined in this guide can help you overcome them and reclaim the zest for life that you deserve. If you find yourself struggling with depression, anxiety, social withdrawal, or disconnection with those around you, you can also adopt one or two of these simple methods to naturally increase production of oxytocin: listen to music or sing, share a meal with friends and family, give a loved one a hug, practice altruism and/or pet your pet.

Nicole Apelian: If I find I am facing a particularly stressful life event, my Anxiety & Stress Tincture helps to soothe my nervous system so that I can move forward from a place of clarity and calm. It is a blend of potent botanicals, including Lemon Balm, Reishi and Lion’s Mane mushrooms, and the adaptogen Ashwagandha. 

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Eating really hot peppers releases dopamine and oxy as well

Yesssss!! You’re right.
I knew that before this page, today.
Even chili helps fight depression. 😀

A healthy addiction!

Coffee also helps relieve fibromyalgia pain. I brew a half & half blend of regular and decaf to minimize the amount of caffeine.

I too have fibromyalgia, a male 52 years old, and have found that coffee helps relieve the pain. Do you wonder how?
Personally, it helps move bowels and increase urine output, gross yea, but I wonder if it helps keep your internal organs functioning correctly and at greater efficiency, it is a helpful daily cleanse. Thoughts?

Yes, coffee enemas are even better for this 🙂

The company 4Life used to have a program for fibromyalgia recovery. Maybe an AO scan wave generator frequency session would help. It has a set of frequencies for better sleep.

Hi Where can I buy coffee berries ?
Are they save if you have acid reflux?
I do drink coffee but in limitation.

Health food stores

Neuriva contains it. When I read coffee berries I figured it just meant coffee, and didn’t give it much of a chance. It seemed to mess with my ADD, but maybe my imagination. I assumed it had caffeine.

You really need to address your acid reflux, WITHOUT meds! I am a healthcare provider and it is the most important thing you can do for yourself!

I took an otc ashwagandha supplement and it made my heart race. Apparently this happens but I can’t find out why.

I tried this too., still have it and I stopped because it made me feel anxiety. I did not feel well.

No wondered I couldn’t sleep when I took that. Thank you for commenting on this herb.

Ashwaghanda has effect on thyroid. Even being consider as adaptogen may have effect on TSH levels.

What can you recommend for teenage girl depression (seasonal)

EPO about 500mg,if she is under 15,over 18 years old she can take 1000mg. Should be taken every day with a pause druring the monthly period

What is EPO and where can I purchase it

What season? Winter? If so taking vitamin D may help. Around 4,000 IU. Maybe you get a lot of sun in summer then in winter vit D levels drop a lot causing depression. People need to take vit D in winter anyway and in summer if not in the sun with skin exposure.

Maybe you should look into foods and herbs for natural hormone support levels. When they are out of balance, it affects moods. That time of the month can do it. It’s generally known that vitamins A and D and DHEA are the precursors to the regulatory hormones. Our bodies’ hormones constantly adjust as we move, think different thoughts, etc.

I believe EPO is Evening Primrose Oil. Possibly the person who left the original post can concur.

I have enjoyed the educational information that I’ve received in emails from Lost Herbs up until recently. Now I’m beginning to see more of these emails are basically just ads and promotions for products for purchase. That is not why I subscribed. If the ads continue I will unsubscribe.

Hi Toni,

Thank you for reaching out to us.
Your subscription was modified, as per your request.
From now on you will only receive our articles and no commercial email whatsoever.

Many blessings and good health!

As per Toni, I am an avid follower of Lost Herbs, have purchased most of Nicoles books, and would like to continue doing so. However, I too would like to receive only the articles and not have to wade through ads and promotions. If I want to know more on the content of an article, or make a purchase, I can then follow up. Thank you. Your articles are invaluable.

Hi, what to eat for post partum depression and tiredness?

Potassium, rebuild your cal/ mag, good vitamins, lots of water and rest, cuddle your baby, nurse your baby, pamper yourself, focus on the good and let go of the bad…
Vitamins A, D, C, DHEA. You can look up herbs for feminine support. This time will pass. it helps to understand that it’s normal for hormones to be out of balance while your body readjusts. This will pass.
Your baby will change suddenly. I urge you to get those pictures and videos of all the cute things while you can, because they suddenly stop doing them.
Congratulations to a great love that will last the rest of your life. I remember those days a long time ago. 🙂 What a blessing you have.
The more you simply hold your baby, the more confident and calm the are for the rest of their life. It gives them a foundation of feeling loved, secure and wanted.
As they grow, yes, you’ll need to appropriately punish what you’ve clearly communicated things he or she deliberately does wrong, and tell him or her why those things are harmful to him or her, but I urge you to focus much more on his or her positive aspects, build up his or her potential, help him or her believe in herself or himself and always know you have his or her back, and will accept them the person no matter what they do, even though you might not accept certain behavior.
This worked very well with my kids. Hope the advice helps. The amount of work lessens as they grow – but wow is it worth it! 🙂
I learned that if I realized it’s normal for kids to make mistakes, it didn’t upset me when they did. It’s just a normal part of life, par for the course.

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