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DIY Fermented Jalapeno Honey

This incredibly easy recipe only requires raw honey and jalapenos, as well as a bit of time and patience for the lactic acid fermentation process to reach fruition into a spicy DIY honey.

Honey already has numerous health benefits, but fermented honey boosts all these benefits. So, just like other fermented foods, the enzymatic and chemical changes that occur during fermentation make everything more bioavailable, which, simply put, means your body can utilize more of it and easier. More specifically, fermented honey has more antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties.

Tips for Fermenting with Honey

Always use raw, unfiltered honey when fermenting since most commercial honey has been pasteurized, which destroys the natural yeasts. In this recipe, the raw honey contains the necessary yeasts to drive the fermentation process, while the jalapenos will provide moisture.

Dried jalapenos or other types of dried chilis are less likely to work for fermented honey since it needs a small amount of moisture. Like usual, fresh is best.

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DIY Fermented Jalapeno Honey Recipe

DIY fermented Jalapeno honey - jalapeno honey

The amounts below make a small amount of fermented honey, but you can scale this up easily depending on your needs.

  • ½ cup of raw honey
  • 4 jalapenos or chilis of your choice
  1. Slice the jalapenos. I like it spicy, so I leave the seeds in, but you can tone down the heat by removing the seeds and inner ribs.
  2. Place everything in a glass jar.
  3. Pour raw honey over them until they are submerged. You can use the jalapeno stems on top to push the slices down into the honey.DIY fermented Jalapeno honey - put in honey
  4. Place the lid loosely on top, but don’t screw it on too tight.
  5. Place the jar out of direct sunlight, at room temperature for 1 – 3 weeks (it will take longer in cooler climates). You shouldn’t screw the lid on tight because you will need to “burp” the jar daily, and the build-up of gases can make it difficult to open the lid. Once the foam on the surface has decreased, then you know it is ready, but feel free to taste-test on a regular basis to find the right amount of zest for your liking.DIY fermented Jalapeno honey - fermentation
  6. To strain or not to strain…? You can strain away the jalapenos once the fermentation process has finished, and this is usually the preferred option because it minimizes the risk of mold growing during storage. Although, if you plan on using the jar within 1 or 2 months, then you probably don’t need to strain your honey, but I would store it in the fridge if you’re not going to strain it.DIY fermented Jalapeno honey - strain
  7. Store your strained honey in a cool, dark cupboard or in the fridge for up to a year.

Your fermented jalapeno honey is perfect to take on its own but is also a nice addition to meat dishes, such as chicken wings or pork ribs. It also goes well in Thai salads.

You can give your gut microbiome a little boost with fermented honey, but one of the best ways to maintain a healthy gut is to eat a wide variety of fermented foods that are high in fiber. The fiber will feed the bacteria in your gut,and the wide variety of fermented foods means a wide variety of bacteria, not just lactobacillus.

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Thank you for sharing this gem!

How much do you take and how often when it is fermented? Thanks for sharing!

I love this! I live in New Mexico, and I’m seriously considering a variation using green chile instead of jalapenos because I like the taste better (my partner is more adamant about that preference than I). I might even try making two jars, one with each, just to see what the differences are. Everything I learn from this site and the book is invaluable–thank you!

I ordered the physical book , how long does it take to receive it? I love all this information and can’t wait to have the book to thumb through.

I got mine within 2 weeks from order date

My jalapeño pepper honey doesn’t seem to be fermenting. It’s been 3 days and no burps! Were my peppers too
old? Should I add a little water?

This is probably due to lack of moisture. Yes, maybe not so fresh of jalapenos. I would suggest just a drop or two of water.

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