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The Ultimate Toxin Purger

Your body can digest, inhale, absorb, and even create toxins. Toxins come from your environment, food, and just through your body’s daily function. A few toxins in the body are needed for you to live, but too many toxins can wreak havoc on the body.

Bacteria, air pollution, alcohol, and chemicals are common toxins that may accumulate in your body. Too many toxins can cause fatigue, sickness, and, in extreme cases, organ failure.

If you’re feeling the effects of too many toxins in your body and are ready to take action, consider the power of natural remedies and healthy lifestyle changes. A simple, homemade DIY Toxin Purger, when incorporated into your daily routine, can be a game-changer in flushing out and supporting your body.

How Are Toxins Removed From the Body?

Your body is equipped with a remarkable detoxification system. Your lungs, kidneys, liver, and digestive organs all collaborate to help your body detox and eliminate waste, providing you with a sense of reassurance about your body’s innate capabilities.

If you digest extremely toxic food, your digestive system processes or eliminates it through diarrhea or vomiting. When food isn’t cooked correctly or contains dangerous chemicals, it triggers our digestive system to get the substances out of our body.

Your lungs filter toxins out of the air you breathe. The mucus in your lungs catches dust, germs, smoke, and pollution. The mucus holds onto the bad stuff until you cough or sneeze them up and out of your body.

Your kidneys filter out toxins by cleaning the blood. They clean the blood by removing toxic materials and turning them into urine.

Your liver removes toxins by changing the nature of toxic chemicals and cleaning the blood. Blood leaving the stomach and intestines passes through the liver, which processes blood and metabolizes substances for the rest of the body.

You can tell when these detoxification systems in the body are overworked or failing to do their jobs efficiently. If your digestive system struggles to process toxins, you may experience bloating, cramps, or constipation. If your urine is dark, your kidneys may not get enough water to properly rid your body of toxins.

Natural Remedies and Lifestyle Changes for Detoxing

Detoxing is when you help your body eliminate harmful substances and toxins accumulated over time. You want to support your body’s natural ability to eliminate these toxins. Support your body’s natural toxin purgers by eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, and avoiding alcohol. Our organs struggle to flush out large amounts of toxic chemicals like cigarette smoke and alcohol, so ingest these sparingly or not at all.

Eating a Balanced Diet

Eating a diet high in fat and lacking fiber can cause bloating, constipation, and a slower metabolism. Your digestive system gets blocked and struggles to turn food into waste. You want to consume foods that help your digestive system eliminate toxins.

Dietary fiber, such as wholegrain cereals, fruit, and vegetables, keeps your digestive system healthy and efficient.

Getting Enough Sleep & Water

The body processes and eliminates toxins while you sleep, so getting 8 hours every night is essential. This time is vital for healing and ensures your detoxification systems function correctly the next day.

Empower your body’s detoxification systems by adopting simple lifestyle changes. Drinking plenty of water before and after sleep can optimize kidney, liver, and digestive function for the day. Remember, sometimes, the most straightforward lifestyle changes can make the most significant difference, giving you a sense of control over your health.

Toxin Purger - Drink Cup

Toxin Purging Ingredients

This DIY Toxin Purger is a tasty way to support the organs responsible for cleaning and flushing out the body. Each ingredient helps give your body the detox it deserves.

Green Tea helps with detox on multiple levels. Its catechin substance prevents liver, kidney, and gastrointestinal inflammation. Drinking green tea also helps your body break food down more effectively.

Green tea is also rich in antioxidants and vitamins, which help the body function better, prevent damage, and repair itself. Drinking green tea daily helps flush out toxins and replace them with something that helps the body.

Pineapple prevents inflammation and kills unhealthy bacteria in the body. It also contains a high amount of Vitamin C, which defends the body from sickness and strengthens the immune system.

Broccoli supports liver health and digestion. It is loaded with detoxifying sulfuric compounds, which give it its sharp flavor and smell. These compounds help your body eliminate toxins better and faster.

Ginger contains nutrients and antioxidants that reduce inflammation and treat infection. Infection and inflammation can cause the body not to eliminate waste as well as it should, which could lead to excess toxins.

Ginger is also perfect for supporting digestive health. Its compounds relieve constipation, fermentation, bloating, and gas. Waste can move through the body quicker when the digestive system functions smoothly.

Lemon is a must for detoxing the body. Digest the whole lemon minus the peel to get the most health benefits. Lemon pulp helps your body digest food more efficiently by boosting gastric acid secretion production. Lemons are also rich in citric acid, which prevents kidney stones and supports liver function. The acid helps the liver produce more enzymes to break down substances and detox the blood.

Honey is good for supporting a healthy gut. It helps relieve diarrhea and reduce infection. Honey has a ton of nutrients that support daily bodily functions.

Cinnamon helps your body digest and absorb nutrients by boosting digestive secretion. This process will reduce gas and help your body digest food faster.

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DIY Toxin Purger

Make this delicious drink daily to reap the natural detoxing benefits. This drink will support organ function and help your body run more smoothly over time.

Ingredients:Toxin Purger - Ingredients
  • one lemon & one orange, halved and peeled
  • 2 cups of green tea prepared in advance and cooled
  • 1 cup of broccoli
  • 1 cup of pineapple
  • 2 tbsp raw organic honey
  • ½ tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1-2 inches ginger root, peeled

Step 1: Add all the ingredients to the blender.Toxin Purger - mixed ingredients

Step 2: Blend until smooth.Toxin Purger - Blend Ingredients

Step 3: Drink up!

For optimal results, consume your DIY Green Tea Smoothie Toxin Purger in the morning on an empty stomach or as a midday snack. This allows your body to absorb the nutrients more efficiently and kick-starts your daily metabolism.

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I see an orange in the pictures for the DIY toxin purger, is it supposed to be in the recipe?

I wonder if its optional. I know I usually add something sweet to a somewhat tasteless recipe :). I was thinking the same thing you asked.

Hi Teresa,

Thank you for your interest in this article, and for noticing this.

Yes, the author of the recipe also used an orange for the toxin purger smoothie.

Many blessings and good health!

what about the orange?

Hi Ronnie,

Thank you for your comment!

Indeed the author of this article also used an orange for the smoothie, thank you for bringing it up!
We will correct the mistake in the ingredient list.

Many blessings and good health!

It looks like a mandarin orange in the top picture and in the blender, so I will add one. Is this a mandarin orange and will any orange type do the trick?

Last edited 5 days ago by Stephie D

Hi Stephie,

Thank you for your interest in this article, and for noticing this.
Yes, the author of the recipe also used a mandarin orange. Any orange is good for this smoothie.

Many blessings and good health!

How long should you do a detox with this recipe?

Hi Kim,

You can drink this detoxing smoothie in the morning on an empty stomach, or as a midday snack, for a week and see how you feel. Then, you can add to your daily diet a different smoothie recipe, for a variety of nutrients.

Many blessings and good health!

Orange or lemon? Mix ingredients then add the green tea?

Hi Linda,

Thank you for your comment!

The author of this article used both, but you can make your own mix depending on your taste.
She added all the ingredients, along with the green tea, in a blender.

Many blessings and good health!

Does it matter if the broccoli is raw or cooked???

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