Homemade White Cell Boosting Juice

Homemade White Cell Boosting Juice

White blood cells form an important part of your body’s immune system. They help it fight infections, allergies, and diseases. They makeup just 1% of our blood but can even help destroy cancer cells. Some types of white blood cells only live for one day so are constantly being replenished by the body. They are produced inside bone marrow and travel to infected areas in order to fight germs. A low white cell count means that your immune system won’t function as it should.

It’s important to keep your immune system healthy to help you fight off illnesses and germs, etc. Having a good immune system will support your physical well-being in just about every aspect. What you put in your body plays a vital role and there are some beneficial foods that can support your immunity. Today, I’m going to share how to make a homemade white cell-boosting juice. It consists of just three main ingredients and you can make it in five minutes.

Let’s look at the medicinal benefits of the ingredients that go into the juice first and then how to prepare it.

The Medicinal Benefits of This White Cell Boosting Juice

This juice contains oranges, a carrot, and a beet. Here is how they work wonders for your immune system.

Medicinal Benefits of Oranges

Oranges have long been used as a remedy for preventing and treating colds. They are high in Vitamin C which increases the production of white blood cells in your body. What’s more, you need to consume Vitamin C every day as your body doesn’t store it since it’s water-soluble.

Homemade white cell boosting juice - OrangesAnother important vitamin for white cell development is Vitamin A. It also helps to activate white cells so they can fight infections. One cup of fresh orange juice will give you around 20% of the daily recommended intake of Vitamin A.

Yet another white cell boosting vitamin is found in oranges and that’s Vitamin B9 (or folic acid). One of its roles is to help make new proteins and form white blood cells. If you have a folic acid deficiency you will have a lower white cell count.

Oranges also have anti-inflammatory properties too. This is important to support a healthy immune system because it helps prevent chronic inflammation.

Of course, supporting your immune system is everything if you want to be healthy overall. Oranges also support a healthy heart, prevent anemia, reduce the risk of certain types of cancers, and lower bad cholesterol.

Medicinal Benefits of Carrots

Homemade white cell boosting juice - CarrotsLike oranges, carrots hold numerous valuable vitamins and minerals to boost white cells. They share many of the same vitamins including Vitamin A, C, and folic acid.

Carrots also contain some minerals which are essential to your immune system: iron, copper, and zinc. Iron is used to counteract inflammation, sufficient copper is necessary to prevent copper deficiency which leads to a lower white cell count, and zinc is used in the production of new white cells.

Carrots are also known to help protect you from many medical conditions including certain types of cancers, lower the risk of heart disease, and improve eye health.

Medicinal Benefits of Beets

Homemade white cell boosting juice - BeetsBeets are great for stimulating the production of white blood cells. Beets share many of the vitamins and minerals as oranges and/or carrots (folic acid, iron, and Vitamin C). They also have dietary nitrates which help to produce energy in your cells.

Beets also contain several anti-cancer properties that slow the growth of cancer cells. On top of this, beets have other essential minerals (e.g. potassium) that support the functioning of your nerves and muscles. The manganese in beets is necessary to regulate your metabolism and support your immune system functioning properly.

How to Make This Homemade White Cell Boosting Juice

As I mentioned, it will only take five minutes or so to prepare this juice. Using the quantities listed below, it will make four servings. If you split it into four then each glass will have approximately 136 calories without honey or 141 calories if you add one teaspoon of honey to the whole mixture.

Homemade white cell boosting juice - Ingredients
  • Orange squeezer
  • Juice extractor or blender
  • Chopping board
  • Sharp knife
  • 1 Liter of natural orange juice (usually between 8-12 oranges if you’re freshly squeezing the juice yourself)
  • 1 Medium carrot
  • 1 Medium beet
  • 1 Teaspoon of honey or sweetener (optional)


  1. Make 1 liter of orange juice by cutting then squeezing fresh oranges using an orange squeezer. If you want to skip this step you can buy orange juice but make sure that it is fresh with no added sugar. Add 1 cup of the juice to your blender.Homemade white cell boosting juice - Step 1 Note: if you are using a juice extractor you will probably need to peel the orange before adding it to the machine – this is also a good idea to reduce the bitterness you would get from the rind.
  2. Wash and cut up 1 medium carrot and add it to your blender (or juice extractor).Homemade white cell boosting juice - Step 2
  3. Wash and scrub 1 medium beet then cut this up into chunks (leaving off the ends and stems/stalks) and add it to your blender (or juice extractor).
  4. Blend everything together for a minute or so.Homemade white cell boosting juice - Step 4
  5. Now you can add 1 teaspoon of honey or sweetener if you like. I find this juice is sweet enough so test it first as it will depend on the oranges you use. Add the rest of your orange juice and continue blending until well mixed.Homemade white cell boosting juice - Step 5
  6. Your juice is now ready to drink.Homemade white cell boosting juice - Step 6

You can store any unused portions of the juice in an airtight container in the fridge for up to three days. However, as with all juices, it’s best to drink it as fresh as possible. You should try and drink this juice in the morning or afternoon because it does contain sugar from the fruit (and honey and sweetener depending on whether you choose to use it and what type you use). For that reason, it’s best not to take it at night.

You can drink up to one of the serving sizes using the above ratios each day. Try and have at least three cups a week for maximum effect.

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  • Mimi Yahn Posted February 21, 2022 11:14 AM

    This sounds wonderful! Instead of an orange, can I use lemon or grapefruit? Thank you so much!

    • Jon Posted February 22, 2022 11:45 PM

      She mentioned the key nutrients, so those nutrients can be sourced in any of the most nutrient-dense plant options available. Self Magazine’s website offers an excellent nutrient search engine based on the USDA nutrient database.

    • bufordsaw kibler Posted March 15, 2022 5:08 PM

      I will try it

    • Elena Posted May 31, 2022 3:39 PM

      Mimi, you are right. Better to use lemon or grapefruit. Orange and carrot are incompatible.

  • Patricia Posted February 21, 2022 11:14 AM

    The orange pith is full of calcium, fiber, vitamin C, and immune-boosting flavonoids. Throw the pith in with a smoothie, or eat it right off an orange cut into slices!

  • Jorge A Palomera Posted February 21, 2022 11:56 AM

    Thank you! Dear, you are well appreciated! I like every bit of your book and want to keep learning about all the benefits we have in the open, I also asked in one of your places about the leaky Gut plant and where can I find it. I have the book Yes! but where do I fiscally find it. Thanks! As per the Juice you mention herein for white cells we always do it like twice a week for us and our kids too. Thanks

  • Patricia Skeete Posted February 21, 2022 12:05 PM

    Thank you for your refreshing juice juice is there anything for my hair loss I had long hair on I Salus my hair is like 4 inches Thank you so much

  • Toni Posted February 21, 2022 12:11 PM

    Thank you for your wisdom

    • The Lost Herbs Posted February 23, 2022 10:16 AM

      Hi Toni,

      Thank you for your kind words.
      We are grateful for the time you have invested in reading what we write.

      Many blessings and good health!

  • Lana HOOVER Posted February 21, 2022 1:19 PM


    • The Lost Herbs Posted February 23, 2022 10:14 AM

      Hi Lana,

      Thank you for your interest in our work. All our books are available for sale here:

      Many blessings and good health!

      • BONNIE FERGUSON Posted June 23, 2022 2:06 PM

        Is it possible to get the physical book shipped to Canada? I would love to buy multiples.
        Looking forward to helping others find your wisdom too.
        I am forever grateful for you {hugs}

      • The Lost Herbs Posted June 24, 2022 8:12 AM

        Hi Bonnie,

        Thank you for your kind words and for showing interest in our work.
        Please check your personal email for a message regarding your order.

        Many blessings and good health!

  • Eric Ravenhill Posted February 21, 2022 3:09 PM

    Hi Nicole? I have suffered from ill health for past 18 years now, but I bought your book & love to read when I get chance your mail, however! Since finishing work at 46 through arthritis of spine I have carried on doing anything to keep me going, I was brought up from a young age in the Scrap business but followed my dream & became a Trucker from 29 up to 46, at 39 I was involved in a fatal RTA where two me lost their lives, however it was those at fault crashing into me, this later caused my Fibromyalgia! Ever since finishing I have been trying to build a disabled bungalow & so far have part of the base done, but need to sell my house to do the rest, so I am struggling on doing my best & hope to get it done this year if my luck changes?, I do plan on getting Dandelion once it grows but till then just keep doing my best, even though a neighbour is trying is best to stop me, inc Poisoning my dog who is suffering from IBS, but has I can’t work fully I am doing my best & hope I can catch him out, if I do will contact the police! Keep up the good work, all my best Eric.

  • Anne Posted February 21, 2022 4:06 PM

    Love all your posts & have used a lot . I am in Australia & we are getting ready for winter. Great helpful tips to keep all healthy in these trying times. Love & Blessing from Down Under

    • The Lost Herbs Posted February 23, 2022 10:22 AM

      Hi Anne,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. We are so glad to hear that our articles are helpful. It is always lovely to hear from readers!

      Many blessings and good health!

  • James Bellaus Posted February 21, 2022 6:56 PM

    What is the best item or mixture for my mom to use on her skin ..at night she gets itchy and the scratches from her nails leave little scabs that never heal if she scratches them the next day , some get bigger.

    • The Lost Herbs Posted February 23, 2022 10:30 AM

      Hi James,

      Generally, peppermint, chamomile, and green teas are great for relieving itchy skin. Infuse four to six tea bags of any (or all) of these herbs into one quart of boiling water. Then, let it cool and apply to the affected area.

      You can also find more details about plants that you can use for skin rashes in the article below:

      However, be aware that in some cases, itching, including nighttime itching, can be a sign of a serious condition such as liver or kidney disease. If the nighttime itching lasts longer than two weeks and home remedies don’t help, talk to your doctor. Itching that interferes with sleep affects the entire body or is accompanied by other symptoms such as fever, tiredness, or weight loss should be evaluated. Treatment depends on the cause of the itching.

      Many blessings and good health!

  • Carol L Posted February 22, 2022 8:55 AM

    A bit confused: do you add the stem and leaves of the beet or not? You say cut them off, yet the picture shows the stem on…

    • The Lost Herbs Posted February 23, 2022 10:32 AM

      Hi Carol L,

      Thank you for your comment.
      It is mentioned in the recipe – Step 3 that you should wash and scrub 1 medium beet then cut this up into chunks (leaving off the ends and stems/stalks) and add it to your blender (or juice extractor).

      Many blessings and good health!

  • Shannm Posted February 23, 2022 6:59 PM

    Thank you for this. My 3 year old loves orange juice and has had a few issues with low white blood cell count because of chemo. Glad to add the extra nutrients to help combat what the chemo does.

  • Carol Posted May 31, 2022 11:50 AM

    I would add a word of caution on this recipe:
    Beets are super healthy HOWEVER, IF you are prone to kidney stones, avoid beet juice. I found this out the very hard way and thousands of dollars later. Just a word of caution to those who are prone to this. And Lemon juice will help keep stones away.

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