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Homemade antifungal salve template cover

Homemade Anti-Fungal Salve

An itchy rash, flaky skin, discoloration, and general discomfort. These are the usual signs and symptoms of a fungal skin infection. Infections usually occur in moist, sweaty areas of the body because as fungi, those are the conditions they love.

And while lotions and moisturizers can help to soothe, they may end up exacerbating the infection by keeping the area moist. I would recommend this Homemade Anti-Fungal Salve instead, which will still prevent the skin from drying out but without excessive moisture.

But what should go in an antifungal salve? Well, there’s plenty of research into essential oils (EOs) and their effectiveness against skin infections, and when combined with beeswax and oil, it can make a soothing antifungal salve.

Most skin fungal infections can reach the third layer of skin. This means the salve must contain appropriate carrier oils and penetration enhancers in addition to compounds which will disrupt and inhibit a broad range of fungi. This is why essential oils (EOs) are crucial for this remedy. You can still infuse dried plant matter into your carrier oil, but this remedy calls for the potency of EOs. EOs can disrupt the cell membrane and walls of fungi which eventually makes them permeable to other compounds which then changes the pH and damages them. EOs also stop fungi from producing the energy they need to survive and multiply.

Homemade Anti-Fungal Salve: Essential Oils Effective Against Fungal Infections

Citral (a component of many essential oils) is a strong fungicide against candida strains, including drug-resistant strains. The EO with the highest concentration of citral is the Australian lemon myrtle (Backhousia citriodora) with over 90% citral. Other EOs high in citral include Litsea species, lemongrass, and lemon tea tree (Leptospermum liversidgei), ranging between 60 – 85%. Citrus EOs, such as bitter orange, lemon verbena, orange, lemon, and lime are surprisingly low in citral in comparison, with a measly 2 – 35% citral content.

  • Garlic EO was incredibly effective against candida infections due to the allicin, but perhaps it’s best ingested instead of used topically due to the smell.
  • In one study, oregano EO inhibited all 15 fungi tested and its close relative marjoram EO was also effective.
  • Several species of thyme, lavender, and mint EO were effective against a variety of fungi that infect the human body.
  • Yerba Beuna, wild basil, and the EO from other Clinopodium species inhibited a wide range of fungi with varying success.
Penetration Enhancers

So now that we have looked at some antifungal EOs, it’s time to consider how to maximize the penetration of your salve to the deeper layers of your skin.

The menthol in peppermint EO is a great penetration enhancer, but when combined with black cumin, eucalyptus, and tea tree EO at a 5% concentration it can increase skin penetration even further.

As for carrier oil, olive oil and soybean oil out-performed several carrier oils concerning skin penetration, whereas coconut oil penetrated the least, so should be avoided for this particular remedy.

Homemade Anti-Fungal Salve: Ingredients
  • 2.1 oz (60 ml) of carrier oil, preferably a mixture of olive and soybean oil.
  • 0.4 oz (10 g) of beeswax
  • 0.1 oz (3 ml) of essential oils, preferably a combination of those listed above.Homemade Antifungal Salve ingredients

Step 1. Pour the oil into a cosmetics glass jar and sit it in a pot of warm water (maximum 150 °F/65 °C) like a double-boiler set-up.Homemade Antifungal Salve add beeswax to oil

Step 2. Add the beeswax to your oil and stir until it has melted.

Step 3. Remove the jar from the pot of warm water and allow it to cool slowly for about 2-3 minutes, but before it starts to set (you will see the edges turning from clear to cloudy), add the essential oils and stir vigorously.

Step 4. Leave the salve to cool completely and it’s ready to use.Homemade Antifungal Salve cooling salve


Apply the salve liberally to the infected areas at least once a day and massage it into your skin if possible. Try not to cover the area with clothing when possible.

Wash your hands afterward to minimize the risk of spread.

Daily application is recommended for at least a week after the symptoms clear up to ensure no flare-ups reoccur.


Store the salve in a dark, cool location for up to a year.

This remedy, with its 3 ingredients, is relatively quick and easy, and even though it’s possible to use infused dried herbs into your carrier oil, this won’t be as potent as using essential oils.

Daily use should clear most minor infections up in a week or two, but be sure to seek medical help if the infection gets worse.

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Can I get this antifungal salve anywhere or something similar that works?

Brilliant! I have found that plain petroleum jelly like Vaseline acts as a powerful antifungal. The menthol version Vicks Vapoeub works even better. Petroleum jelly is not processed except to clean it. It forms around the drilling apparatus as a gel like substance. It is powerfully healing. It is millions of years old yet far better than the water soluble conciction KY jelly.

Yeah, IF you want to put a PETROLEUM product on your skin. Me, I prefer NOT to put carcinogenic and toxic ingredients on mine.

petroleum products like Vaseline or paraphin, especially medical grade is not a carcinogen and if it was, a small amount is not going to give anyone cancer. A lot of cancer is caused by our American diet alone, as is any disease. Agree that petro/jelly not the best choice but its not going to hurt you, no matter what the huff post says. Petroleum products (plastics) are everywhere in our homes, cars, any business, public places off gassing no doubt.

WOW !! that gets to be very expensive !!

Thanks a lot for this recipe! Quick question. Would you have it with weight measurements? I find it easier with weight than volume. This way I have less instruments to clean at the end.

Wouldn’t caster oil penetrate the skin better than olive oil and soybean oil?

I have a very severe fungal itch on my private parts and back to my anus , I have tried most things but it is no better. So I have oregano oil and creamed coconut, can I mix these two and put on to stop this awful itch. I am wearing a skirt and no underwear.

I have this itch now since 2005. No cure per OBGYN. they call it Lichens. They give you a steroid cream. Temporary relief. I would like to know also if there is a salve that is safe and effective for this terrible itch.

try a diet low in oxalic acid foods. I have heard that this will help with Lichen Sclerosis

Please do not assume this is a fungal itch unless it has been diagnosed as such by a COMPETENT medical professional. At one time, I had similar symptoms and was diagnosed improperly as having a severe yeast infection. I used the anti fungal cream they gave me as directed but it only seemed to spread the terrible painful rash I was getting. Turns out after I ended up in the ER I was informed I had a staph infection and most likely would have died if I had waited another 3 or 4 days for the cream to do its job.
Only if you are VERY certain it is a fungal infection should you try a fungal remedy, and in that case I wouldn’t bother with coconut, as the article states it is far less effective.

This was in reply to Hilary and somehow posted differently

Coconut oil works wonders. Unrefined.

You could try aloe vera gel (from a tube of good-quality aloe vera or squeezed from the inside of a leaf cut from an aloe vera plant). This is gentle but often effective for that kind of problem.

I don’t use anything soybean related. What other oil would combine well with olive for maximum absorption?

Olive oil is mentioned as an alternative. I generally prefer olive oil for just about everything, though sometimes its atomical structure is too heavy. Apparently it’s great for this salve, though!

I’ve often combined avocado oil with olive oil to good effect in skin care uses. Might try that. Or if you have no nut allergies, almond oil. Coconut oil and argan oil are both great for hair and skin surface moisturizers, but don’t seem to have the penetrative power necessary for disrupting fungal growth, imo.

Please state why you do not use soybean oil.

Is there a salve that I can make for skin cancer I live in Arizona and have a few small spots on my face with appreciate any comments

I use frankincense in carrier oil for my skin cancers. Takes awhile, but it will kill the cancer and spots eventually go away

Thank you for this useful advice. What do you use as a carrier oil?

Cannabis oil will clear them up. Put it on and cover it. Leave for few days before changing. Will bring the skin cancer to the surface then heal.

I love Renpure lotions and body wash products. I do have a complaint. The pumps on the bottles I have bought do not work most of the time. I have had to use other pumps I already have to be able to use the products on about 5 of the 9 products I have bought. So far I have continued to buy, but today another pump will not pop up to use with my product. It is very frustrating!!

Can you tell me where to get the essential oils. No one place has them all. Thanks

Amazon do a good variety

I purchase my oils from DoTerra – very pure and quality oils

Yes. So do I and use the fco

DoTerra essential oils are the best!!!

What do you use for toe nail fungus?

I am a foot health practitioner and have found the most effective thing to combat toenail fungus is Vick’s Vapour Rub. Use a cotton bud to apply it to the ends of the infected toenails, so that it can melt with your body heat and run underneath the nail, and also rub it all over the outer surface of the nail. Do this preferably every week until the infected nail has grown out and been cut off. Simple and cheap.

Can this be used for toe nail fungus?

I too have this “lichens”. I have been tearing myself apart itching so bad the skin splits open. I have tried EVERYTHING, to no avail. ObGyns don’t even pretend to care about this condition and it’s only further aggravated the insomnia that also accompanies menopause. Brutal. Is this salve safe for feminine areas?

I was diagnosed by a dentist with oral lichen planus. If this lichen condition is related, it is an auto-immune condition. I found that certain mushrooms will control this. I have gone through Swanson vitamins and purchased 14 mushroom complex and take two pills per day and it keeps it completely under control. and it is pretty inexpensive. Hope this helps someone.

Nicole recommends boric acid powder in her lost book of herbal remedies. very cheap, inexpensive. just google online. put some in a puffer or an empty baby powder container and puff on the area. reapply between bathing. I did it, it works.

Thats amazing. I haven’t tried mushrooms. Lichen planus is miserable, I cant imagine on privates and in the mouth. I have had it reoccur on legs and arms over last 10 years. Its a difficult problem. A vegan diet will help (little carbs, no fried foods, salt, caffeine, beer that some “vegan” diets allow). Lots of juicing, salads, mostly raw, then about 15% cooked (steamed vegetables). If done right, just about every ailment stops for most people.

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