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Gallstone Flush Routine

The gallbladder is a tiny, but oh-so-important part of this system. As with any well-balanced system, if one of the delicate parts gets thrown off, it can make you feel a bit off. Gallstone build-up can be a cause of a poorly functioning gallbladder. A gallbladder cleanse can flush the gallstones away and be a valuable reset to your gallbladder. Here, we explore why gallstones form and how a gallstone flush routine works.

What Are Gallstones?

Gallstone Flush Routine - gallstones

Gallstones—medically called Cholelithiasis—are small, hard particles that form in the gallbladder. Composed of cholesterol and bilirubin, they can be as small as a grain of sand to the size of a golf ball! Sometimes, they pass unnoticed, but these stones can obstruct the normal flow of bile from the gallbladder to the small intestine. In this case, the gallstone clogs the bile duct of your biliary tract. Normally, this duct should release bile into your small intestine, so getting clogged can not only be painful but hinder digestion. More serious gallstones cause folks to head to the ER to have them surgically removed.

Use This Root to Make a Healing Lemonade for Your Gallbladder (Video)

Symptoms of Gallstones

Most people don’t even know they have gallstones. In more mild, chronic cases, gallstones can lead to bloating, intense gas, nausea, or diarrhea. More commonly, you’d feel these symptoms after meals. Gallstones can also result in acute issues, sometimes called gallstone attacks. In these cases, common symptoms of gallstones include:

Abdominal Pain: One of the most common symptoms is a sharp, cramp-like pain in the upper right part of the abdomen.

Nausea and Vomiting: Gallstones can cause nausea and vomiting, especially after consuming fatty foods.

Indigestion: Difficulty digesting fatty foods, along with bloating and gas, can be indicators of gallstones.

Jaundice: In some cases, gallstones can block the bile duct.

Gallstones can be mildly disruptive or incredibly painful. In any case, routine flushes can prevent gallstones from building up in your system.

How a Gallstone Flush Routine Works

A gallstone flush routine is a natural approach to remove gallstones and improve gallbladder health. To flush gallstones, there are a few different practices, but they often involve drinking oil, some fruit juice, and potentially other ingredients to cleanse your biliary tract. These ingredients stimulate the gallbladder to contract, causing your system to expel the gallstones. While this approach is not a guaranteed solution for everyone (and can be rather uncomfortable), it can be an effective way to support gallbladder health and potentially alleviate symptoms of gallstones.

In our process, we use the following components:

Hydration: Adequate water intake is crucial for a successful flush routine. Staying well-hydrated helps the gallbladder function optimally.

Grapefruit Juice: Grapefruit juice contains citric acid, which helps dissolve gallstones, making them easier to flush. Additionally, drinking straight olive oil isn’t the most appealing, so adding grapefruit juice makes the olive oil easier to get down. (note: do not drink grapefruit juice if you’re currently taking medicine)

Olive Oil: Since bile helps process fats, consuming olive oil can stimulate the gallbladder to contract and release bile, pushing out gallstones.

Epsom Salt: Epsom salts relax the gallbladder and bile ducts, making it easier for gallstones to pass.

DIY Gallstone Flush Routine

This gallbladder cleanse works best when you can allocate two days for this process. It’s essential to abstain from any medication or non-essential vitamins during this cleanse, so check with your medical provider to make sure this cleanse will be safe for your specific situation. We’ve broken the steps for this cleanse into two days, so try to follow the process as close to the provided times as you can. The schedule gives your body time to process the Epsom salts and increases your chances of passing gallstones.

Day 1: Preparation

Morning: Begin with a no-fat breakfast and follow it up with a no-fat lunch. Do not consume any food after 2:00 PM.

2:00 PM: Prepare a solution by mixing 4 tablespoons of Epsom salt with 3 cups of water. You can improve the taste by adding a dash of vitamin C. Chill this mixture in the refrigerator to make it easier to ingest.Gallstone Flush Routine - Epsom salt and water

6:00 PM: Consume one serving (¾ cup) of the cold Epsom salt solution.

8:00 PM: Ingest another serving (¾ cup) of the cold Epsom salt solution.

9:45 PM: Get ready for the final phase. Pour ½ cup of olive oil into a pint jar. Combine it with freshly squeezed ¾ cup of grapefruit juice. Seal the jar securely and shake vigorously until the mixture turns watery. Ensure you’ve visited the restroom and completed any necessary tasks before this step. Timing is crucial for the upcoming phases.Gallstone Flush Routine - add olive oilGallstone Flush Routine - add olive oil

10:00 PM: Consume the olive oil and grapefruit juice mixture. Drinking it with a straw can make it easier to go down. Aim to finish it within 5 minutes, and do not take longer than 15 minutes. Immediately lie down after consumption to optimize the liver cleansing process. Try to stay as still as possible, aiming to fall asleep.

Gallstone Flush Routine - olive oil and grepfruit juice

Day 2: The Morning After

After 6:00 AM: When you wake up, take the third dose of Epsom salt. If you wake up feeling unwell, delay taking the third dose of Epsom salt until you feel better.

Two hours after waking: Take the fourth dose of Epsom salts Then, wait an additional two hours before consuming any food.Gallstone Flush Routine - salt and water

Food Intake: Start eating light, easily digestible foods like fruit or juice. For example, if you wake up at 6:00 AM, avoid regular solid meals until noon. It’s common to experience diarrhea the morning after the cleanse; this is a typical side effect. You may even observe gallstones in your stool, identifiable by their green or tan color. Consider counting these stones and keeping a rough estimate of their number.

Before starting any gallstone flush routine, consult with a healthcare professional to ensure it is safe for your health circumstances. Be aware that while some individuals have reported success with these routines, scientific evidence of their efficacy is limited. Nonetheless, these approaches can be a complementary way to support gallbladder health and alleviate symptoms associated with gallstones.

Furthermore, maintaining a healthy digestive tract will help you feel more energized and clear-headed as your body uptakes nutrients and processes waste. I love finding ways to reset my digestive tract, and this gallstone flush helped rejuvenate my system! Let us know if you try my gallstone flush routine and how you feel after.

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I tried a version of this liver cleanse, based on Ayervedic principles many years ago. It worked perfectly for me. The version I used involved drinking organic apple juice every day during the week before hand and adding tincture of black walnut to the oil and grapefruit mix. I can honestly say I have never seen another mention of this treatment anywhere else…….. I lost my original treatment sheet unfortunately so am pleased to see this……..Thankyou

does it HAVE to be grapefruit juice? Grapefruit is awfully darn expensive. I would tend to think lemon or lime juice would work just as well as long as it’s some kind of citrus juice. At the moment lemon juice is still affordable. I know of the connection between grapefruit juice and prescription drugs especially blood thinners. Some cautions should be added if ingesting epsom salts. Not the greatest thing to drink and if you’re not careful can cause you some nasty health problems. I’ll pass on the epsom salts and use them in a bath instead. 😉 For me it’s all a moot point anyways as I don’t have a gall bladder anymore. Doesn’t seem to affect me much. Put lemon juice in my tea every morning anyways. As a septuagenarian I still have my appendix and tonsils but no gall bladder. 🙂

This is not a gallstone cleanse, gallstones are not green, it’s the olive oil saponins coming out the other end of you. Please don’t do this cleanse, it has been debunked by a number of natural health practitioners..
It won’t hurt you but it doesn’t really do anything either.

Carly, unaware of where you are gaining research information from, if you could share a link? I do know gallstones indeed may be green, among other colors of amber or brownish yellow.

I did this cleanse 5yrs ago. It worked for me not to have my gallbladder removed. I had a gallstone the size of a marble, and the doctor wanted me to have my gallbladder removed. I did this cleanse, and a new ultrasound showed it either passed or disintegrated. She questioned me precisely what I did to have my gallstone pass. I would not ever recommend it, and you have to decide for yourself because the stone could get lodged in your biliary tract, and you could end up in the ER. I was desperate not to have my gallbladder removed. So I did it, and it worked for me.

I did it twice and it works wonderfully, if I get to the point where my gallbladder gives me trouble again, will not hesitate 🙂

I did it and worked wonders for me, I told my niece to do it since she was going to get it removed, after the cleanse she didn’t need the surgery. This really works!!!

I did a similar cleanse in 2001 and it worked! An ultrasound showed no stones after my cleanse. I was told they had never seen a gallbladder so clean. I did a three day cleanse that had me eat no cooked foods or oils along with drinking freshly juiced 5 lb of Granny Smith apple juice, daily for the three days. I could eat as much fruit and fresh vegetables as I wanted for the three days. I was instructed to juice the entire apple, seeds and all. I drank the olive oil along with freshly squeezed lemon juice on the fourth morning. I did get extremely nauseous and had a long morning but passed every stone. I would do it again if I needed to, since others I know didn’t and they had to have surgery to remove their gallbladder.

I’ve heard about this Granny Smith apple but can’t find a whole direction for the cleanse. Would you mind to send me a link? Much appreciated.

Carly, if you were to find yourself in the situation of being told you need your gallbladder removed and you aren’t even in any pain (or much), time to try the “debunked” method. This was my experience in 2005 and I still have my gallbladder. You can’t “explain away” results like this.

Gallstones can indeed be green; you obviously have never worked in a surgery department. I personally know people who have very successfully used gallstone cleanses.

I have been doing the gallstone liver cleanse for more than 20 years. I try to do it at least twice a year. It gets rid of joint aches and pains. It lowers my cholesterol. My vision is better and my energy and overall health is improved. It’s easy because you can do it over a weekend, I got it from Hulda Clark’s book “ Prevention of All Cancers.”

My gallstone is .6mm and the doctor said it will not be able to pass and will need surgery when symptoms occurs. Does this cleanse reduce the size of the stone first? I’m afraid that it will get stuck and cause trouble.

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