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Don’t Throw Away Your Eggshells, Do This Instead!

If you are a big fan of baking and a plant lover, you know how eggshells and plants go well together. It is not an uncommon sight to see eggshell fragments lining the garden, used as fertilizer, or hanging in stems. However, it would be overrated to overwhelm the plants with specks of white.

So, what do you do with all the extra scrap eggshells? You definitely would not want them to end up in the bin if you knew more about their useful purposes. As you crack more eggs, you’ll discover new uses for them, from whitening laundry to making toothpaste.

15 Uses Of Eggshells That Can Surprise You

Use It As Toothpaste
Don’t Throw Egg Shells, Do This Instead- eggshell toothpaste

Yes, finely ground egg is a mild abrasive that can whiten teeth with an added benefit. Eggshell is a rich source of calcium and fluoride that can re-mineralize the teeth. There is a study that aims to use an eggshell-based toothpaste for treating dentin hypersensitivity.

Make DIY eggshell toothpaste by mixing ¼ cup finely ground eggshell, 3 tbsp. coconut oil, and ½ tsp baking soda. Add about half to 1 tsp castile soap and 10 drops of essential oil of choice, like peppermint. Mix them to a smooth consistency and store them in a clean and dry jar.

Laundry Whitener
Don’t Throw Egg Shells, Do This Instead- eggshell coffee

Eggshell powder is a safe and natural cleaner that does wonders to your laundry. It cannot replace bleach though, but it is a good option if you are not fond of the chemicals in bleach. It prevents white linen from turning gray and restores dingy ones.

This natural whitener works best if you add a slice of lemon. Just put them in a muslin or mesh laundry bag and add them to your wash cycle with whites.

Unclog The Sink

Improper disposal of eggshells does harm the garbage disposal and may cause clogging of the sink. But when used properly, it can break down the passing scum and prevent blockage.

Crush the eggshells big enough not to pass through the strainer and leave it there. It will act as a filter to prevent the sink from clogging.

Blade Sharpener
Don’t Throw Egg Shells, Do This Instead- eggshells in blender

A little eggshell hack may help you save from buying expensive knife sharpeners. The curved blades of the blender are also difficult to clean and sharpen. But adding some eggshells into the blender can hone the blades naturally.

When using it for blender blades, just add eggshells into a plugged blender. Add some water, just enough to cover the shells, and put back the lid. Blend it on high for about a minute until the eggshells are pulverized. For other types of blades like a knife, freeze the eggshells until they are frozen very hard. Run the edge of the blade across it to sharpen its edges.

Add Them To Coffee

If you want to tone down the bitterness of coffee, try adding a few eggshells to the cup. It does not only enhance its taste but also seeps more minerals into your cup of joe. Mix a few amounts of ground eggshells into the coffee before brewing to enjoy its smoother and sweeter taste.

An Ingenious Eggshell Remedy and 25 Others Made from Things People Usually Throw Away (Video)

Mellowing The Taste Of Any Beverage

You can add ground eggshells not just to coffee but to any beverage. Start by adding thoroughly cleaned eggshells to boiling water to remove any pathogens. Drain and dry them overnight before baking at 200⁰F for 10 minutes. Process the eggshells until pulverized and use the powder as a mix with your favorite drink or food.

Add Them To Bone Broth

Make a healthier stock pot by adding powdered eggshell into the broth. The eggshell contains minerals like magnesium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, selenium, fluoride, and calcium. Adding them to soup or vegetable stock will give it a nutritive boost without altering the flavor.

Eggshell Facemask
Don’t Throw Egg Shells, Do This Instead- crushing eggshells

Egg-white face masks are popular because they are effective when it comes to toning and firming the skin. Egg white powder does the same and helps in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and clarifying the surface. It softens and moisturizes the skin. It works well even for the most sensitive skin types.

Treat Skin Irritations

Eggshell membrane is an organic substance that can increase cellular activity and collagen production in the skin. It has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and moisture-protection properties. It is a no-surprise that eggshells can treat minor skin irritations and soothe any inflammations.

Arts And Crafts

Save those eggshells for when your kids need them for mosaics and other art projects. Use them in mixed media art as roughly broken pieces or as ground eggshell powder. Food colors and your imagination are the limits!

Make An Eggshell CompostDon’t Throw Egg Shells, Do This Instead- eggshell seed tray

Boost the quality of your compost by adding eggshells to the pile. Calcium is an essential element that enhances the growth of plants. If you don’t have a compost bin, just add them directly into the garden. Crush the shells and add them to the roots of the plant to leach out its calcium content.

Pest Deterrent

Keep the nasty pests away from your plants by sprinkling crushed eggshells in your garden’s perimeter. Soft-shelled pests like cutworms, snails, and slugs will not bother the plants as they can cut through their skin. Surprisingly, eggshell is also an excellent deer deterrent.

Chicken And Bird Feed

Eggshell is a cheap but safe bird feed that provides calcium supplements to birds and fowl. Feed them to your chicken to make them lay healthier eggs. You can bake the eggs to sterilize them and make them easier to break down into bite-size pieces for the flock to peck.

Make sure that the broken-down shape is unrecognizable as an eggshell for your pets. Otherwise, they may think that eggs are food and could feast on the newly-laid ones.

Use Them As A Seed Tray
Don’t Throw Egg Shells, Do This Instead- eggshell seed tray

Hollowed-out eggshell provides more than just one use for the plant. It can act as a seedling holder while giving the growing plant the nutrient that it needs.

Turn the eggshell into a nutritive seedling starter by preserving most of its length as you crack. Poke a hole at the bottom for drainage and fill it halfway with soil and sow a seed. Reserve the egg carton as well, to hold all the eggshell growers in place.

11 Clever Uses for Eggshells In Your Garden (Video)

Add Them To Dog Food

You may want to consult your vet on this one and use it with caution. Some dog owners are adding eggshells into their canine’s food as a calcium supplement. For it, you should boil the shells, bake them, and grind them into fine powder. Sprinkle them into dog food to increase its nutritive value.

Again, consult your veterinarian before using it. Its safety and dosage may depend on your dog’s breed, health condition and age.


Eggshells are a rich source of calcium and other trace minerals beneficial for plants, animals, and humans. You can use them in your skincare regimen or incorporate them into your diet. Add them to the garden patch and let them do their wonders on your plants.

But remember, when using eggshells as food, clean and sterilize them well beforehand. Raw eggshells are a haven of disease-causing germs that can harm you or your pets. The process of boiling, baking, and grinding eggshells into powder ensures that you consume a safe product. And from that powder, you can concoct many different uses you can ever think of.

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How do you prepare the shells? Wash them? There’s always whites left in there that can harbor bacteria. In the garden, that’s fine, but for the other uses?

She mentions boiling them (probably 15-20 minutes) and then drying overnight before baking at 200* for 10 minutes to kill pathogens. That should do the trick! And then I’d think, you could also use the cooled-down water (which will have small amounts of calcium) to water houseplants.

I keep a bowl in the microwave & zap them for 2 minutes each time I add more shells. Other than as a timer it’s about the only thing I use the microwave for these days lol

Would be interesting to know if it changes the quality of nutrients though. I have a microwave but its unplugged and sitting to the side until I may need it. Trying to do without. They say water loses anything beneficial by boiling in a microwave. I don’t know much more of the details. Your comment just made me curious.

Hello Christie,

Thank you so much for your interest in this article!
To sterilize the eggshells, boil them for 15-20 minutes, then bake them at 225F for 20 minutes to dry them out.

Many blessings and good health!

Thank you for this article. 🙂 Can I use store bought eggs?

I would not because as how the eggs are processed

I would think that baking eggshells before grindingabd using as a calcium supplement would be just as ineffective as cooking bones to give to dogs.
Apart from the fact that cooked bones break into spiked and dangerous shards, the calcium is loc I Ed in and inaccessible to the body. So placing eggshells in the oven makes them useless as
a nutritional supplement, but good as an abrasive product..
I Airdry my eggshells, pulverise and sprinkle back into birdfeed and plant fertiliser. Baking is useless.

Hello Brooke,

Thank you for your question. Yes, you can use store-bought eggs, but it’s best to choose organic ones.
No matter what eggshells you use, make sure to sterilize them properly before use.

Many blessings and good health!

FREE RANGE is best.. There’s a difference between Cage Free and Free Range. Choose wisely.. I don’t think Organic is as important as free Range

Lots of great ideas! These types of articles are some of my favorites for listing practical things I can do. One thing I want to mention is you write fluoride twice along with other minerals. Fluoride is not a nutrient for the body unlike the other minerals. You can’t find fluoride supplements at the store for example. Even adding it to the water is controversial and there are many scientists against the practice.

My research shows fluoride is a neurotoxin, it should not be used in tap water. I get spring water that is naturally filtered through 250 feet of sandstone for drinking and cooking. Even buy shower filters to protect skin which absorbs the fluoride and buy toothpaste w/o it.

what is the name of the spring water that you get that is naturally filtered through sandstone? thank you.

Hello AP,

Thank you for your interest in our articles! We are glad to hear you enjoy them.

Fluoride, a mineral, is found naturally in many foods and is also available as a dietary supplement. Fluoride is the element fluorine in its ionic form, and it inhibits or reverses the initiation and progression of dental caries (tooth decay) while also stimulating new bone formation.

Many blessings and good health!

Fluoride also kills good bacteria in the colon. It was sold as a way to make money from a waste product which came from the aluminum industry. It was used as an osteoporosis remedy until too many hips broke. It should never have been put in our water supply. Try to avoid it if you can. Most filters don’t remove it

I agree. I wonder if fluoride in eggshells is different than the fluoride some cities dump in the water supply. Must be, because the fluoride in water is a by product of making fertilizer, which is poison.

I use the wet lining when I’ve burned myself. The membrane draws the blister liquid out, cools and helps prevent scars.

When I burn myselfI immediately reach for my cheap vanilla. All vanillas poured onto burns will relieve the pain right away, but if you have the artificial one, it works too, and costs less. Just pour in on and do not wash that area until the pain subsides.

However, I wouldn’t advise using on open sores or anything infected.

Can also be used to prevent bruises right after the bump.


We thank you both for sharing your home remedy ideas with us!
It is greatly appreciated.

Many blessings and good health!

I burnt my hand badly as a child burning trash, my Mother broke half a dozen eggs and pealed the white membrane put it on my hand, I remember how it cooled the burn and my hand healed with little to no scaring… old school medicine.

The membrane inside an onion does that and use as a bandaid

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