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Corn - Cover


Corn silk (Stigma maydis) is the thread-like fibers that grow under the husks of ears of corn. Interestingly, for every kernel of corn, there is one corn silk. This is because each individual shiny hair is an elongated style, used to pollinate each kernel.

Introduction – origin, family, uses

Of the grass family, Poaceae, or true grasses, Zea mays possibly originated as long as 55 to 70 million years ago. Indigenous to what is now Central and South America, maize or corn has diversified into almost 10,000 species and was domesticated approximately 10,000 to 9,000 years ago. Currently, it is cultivated all over the world.

For centuries corn silk has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as Native American medicine. Today many countries including China, Turkey, France, and the USA continue to use corn silk in medicinal preparations. In pharmacological studies, corn silk shows impressive bioactive potential in the reduction of hyperglycemia, as an anti-depressant, antioxidants, and anti-fatigue. It has many uses as a diuretic, anti-inflammatory, blood pressure control, as well as multiple urinary complaints.

Corn - History

Where Corn Silk is Found

Corn is a major agricultural crop grown throughout the world. Corn silk arrives on an ear of corn under the modified leaves that function as the corn cob’s husk. They protrude from the tips of the ears of corn and function as the gateway for pollination of each kernel of corn. There are many commercial medicinal products available that have corn silk as an ingredient.

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How to Identify Corn

corn - identification

  • Shape: Tall annual grass 4 to 16 feet high with a stout, solid, erect stem.
  • Leaves: Spaced opposite and alternate along the stem, leaves have wavy margins and are 10 to 40 inches long and ¾ to 4 ½ inches wide.
  • Flower: Male flowers form a tassel that terminates at the top of the main stem. Female flowers form the edible ears or cobs of corn. The stamens are the long, thin corn silks that erupt from the end of the husk-encased ear.
  • Stem: Tall, single, stout erect stem.
  • Fruit & Seeds: Kernels of corn are the seeds of corn. They can be white or yellow, while other corn varieties have kernels of red, blue, black, or pink.

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How to Grow

How to Grow CornCultivated corn prefers warm to slightly hot summer weather. This grass isn’t tolerant of flooding, infertile soil, and drought. Fertile, loam soil with a well-balanced amount of moisture is best for growing corn.

The male flowers form the tassels at the top of the corn plant. The pollen is rather heavy, so it is beneficial to grow corn closely together. This also helps to keep the large plants upright. The pollen reaches the ears of corn, the female flowers, through the corn silk. The corn silk are long stigmas, each thread pollinating a single kernel of corn. There are many kinds of cultivated corn with variable sizes and growing requirements.

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How to Harvest Corn Silk

Harvest Corn - Silk

Corn silk has a luxurious name. At the same time, it may be at the top of a waste-not, want-not herbal medicine list. As such, corn silk is a waste material from cultivated corn and is abundant. Where available, harvest corn silk from organic, non-GMO corn.

Harvest Corn SilkSome research suggests that for medicinal purposes, it is best to harvest corn silk just before pollination. This, for me, does not make sense as harvesting this corn silk would mean the actual corn kernels were left unpollinated and thus, inedible. In abundance, perhaps this is worth a try. Picking a few unripened cobs just for the corn silk and removing them from the husks.

Or it may be better to harvest corn silk simply when husking corn to eat. When husking corn, trim off the battered brown corn silk at the top and focus on the corn silk that has been protected by the husk. A single corn silk thread may be up to 12 inches long. There is research to support that the lower corn silk from under the husk holds higher beneficial compounds as well.

What Corn Silk Is Good For & The Natural Remedies Made from It

Corn silk is made into corn silk tea. It is also commercially available as an extract, tincture, or in supplements.

Harvest Corn

  • Corn silk has naturally abundant flavonoids which are powerful antioxidants. Oxidative stress plays an important role in the progression of diabetes and complications of diabetes. Corn silk’s antioxidant abilities have shown inhibitory effects on diabetes mellitus as well as diabetic nephropathy.Corn Silk - Benefits
  • Corn silk has shown anti-depressant and anti-fatigue activities. Studies have shown improvement in fatigue and depression with the use of extracts of corn silk.
  • An important ethnomedicinal use of corn silk tea is its effect on hypertension. High blood pressure showed improvement with reduced systolic blood pressure in studies using boiling water extract of corn silk. Studies also showed evidence of an inhibitory effect on angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) activity.Corn Silk - Extract
  • Corn silk works as a diuretic agent, increasing urine secretion. It also promotes urinary health by reducing bladder irritation by soothing and relaxing the lining of the bladder and urinary tubules.
  • Evidence of lower cholesterol was shown in animal studies where mice were given corn silk extract. There was a significant reduction in total and LDL cholesterol with beneficial increases of HDL cholesterol. This shows that the flavonoids in corn silk extract have potential cholesterol-lowering effects.
  • Metabolic syndrome is a worldwide medical issue that includes hypertension, hyperglycemia, high cholesterol, and obesity. Often associated with insulin resistance which can lead to diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, and liver diseases. The use of corn silk shows multiple beneficial effects for metabolic syndrome.

What Parts of Corn Are Used in Remedies?

Corn silk and its biological activity is mainly due to its flavonoid and terpenoid content. The bioactive constituents are phenolic compounds which are effective antioxidants. Corn silk is also made up of proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals including calcium, potassium, and magnesium, as well as volatile oils.

A DIY Recipe for Corn Silk Tea


Step 1: Collect corn silk from fresh corn.Corn Sil Tea - Step 1

Step 2: Place what you need into a tea-making vessel.Corn Silk tea - Step 2

Step 3: Place leftover corn silk into a paper bag or similar for drying.Corn Silk tea - Step 3

Step 4: Cover corn silk with boiling water. Let the corn silk tea steep for 10 to 15 minutes. Sieve the corn silk from the tea. Enjoy the soothing, pleasant-tasting tea in a relaxed atmosphere to feel its beneficial effects.Corn Sil Tea - Step 4

Step 5: Once the leftover corn silk has dried, use it as desired. Take a pinch or two from the dried corn silk to make a fresh cup of corn silk tea.Corn Sil Tea - Step 5

Potential Uses

As a healthful tea, try including this simple, slightly sweet tea on its own one to three times a day. Self-monitor for the positive benefits of corn silk tea.


Official dosage recommendations for corn silk are limited due to a lack of human research. Each person is different. A variety of factors may contribute to each person’s reaction to corn silk. Corn silk has been tested for safety, and up to 4.5 g per pound of weight is likely safe for most individuals. Most corn silk supplements have much lower dosages of 400 to 450 mg 2 to 3 times daily.

It may be reasonable to start with a small amount of corn silk to ensure positive and favorable results.

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How To Preserve Corn Silk

After harvesting corn silk as above, it preserves incredibly easily. Due to its fine, thin nature, it dries readily. When collecting corn silk, ensure it is free of debris from the husks and corn cobs. Place cornsilk loosely in paper bags. Put the bags in a well-ventilated place such as the back of a cupboard or on a shelf. After a week or two, check to see if the corn silk has dried. Once the cornsilk has dried, either leave it in its paper bag or place it in an airtight container. Protect dried corn silk from light. Use as desired.

What Plants Resemble Corn?

FeatureZea mays, CornSorghum bicolor, SorghumPennisetum glaucum, Pearl Millet
Size4 to 16 feet tall on solid erect stems2 to 10 feet tall solitary or tufted leafy stems5 to 10 feet tall stalks that are 1 inch thick.
LeavesOpposite alternate leaves are 10 to 40 inches long and ¾ to 4 ½ inches wide.Floppy leaves are alternate and 6 to 36 inches long.8 to 40 inches long and 1 ½ to 3 inches wide
FlowersFlowers form a tassel which terminates at the top of the main stemFlowers terminate at the ends of each stem in 6- to 20-inch-tall spikesCream-colored inflorescence are foot-long bottlebrush-like spikes.

Warnings And Cautions

Corn silk advantageously has been reported as safe for most people. Very few adverse reactions have been reported. If you are allergic to corn or corn products, avoidance of corn silk is recommended.

Ensure to discuss with your healthcare provider, particularly to ensure no contraindications with your current medications. Of importance, diuretics, blood pressure drugs, blood-thinning medications, anti-inflammatories, as well as diabetes medications should be considered by you and your healthcare provider.

To check for your own safety, do a small skin test by placing a small amount of the extract, tea, or plant material on the skin and wait 24 hours. Any reaction such as itchiness or hives may be an indication of sensitivity. It only makes sense to practice some caution for people who have corn allergies.

Always check with your healthcare provider before starting new herbal remedies.

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According to the Bible, Creation is less than 10,000 years old, so you lose a lot of credibility when you start mentioning things about plants being millions of years old. Stick to the facts, and quit hypothesizing on how old things are when you clearly haven’t got a clue.

Careful. you are getting close to being judgemental . Right or wrong. There are other views out there.


Yes, there are other views. However Only God’s Truth is correct and Not a “view”.

Actually Ray, you don’t have a clue …
Take your Bible and go to church.
Your place is not here.

Feeling intimidated? Take it up with God. That young man is obeying God and he is correct about what God’s Word says. The problem is not The Biblical Truth but errantly stiff necked people that have no genuine relationship with God. Very sad…

Are you serious Ray??? You sound absurd. She will only lose credibility to fools like you. Honestly, NONE of us were around at creation, so I guess NONE of us can say when it was can we??? Get a grip.

Now you know as well as I do..all testimonies of churches as to the meanings of scriptures are Not the same. I be,I eve in an old earth and old civilization and that the 6000 year limit refers on,y to the time the special race of Adam and Eve were formed. I’m still Christian..I just be,I eve a different older more like the real scrolls ..interpretation of the beginning of mankind. Btw,,I’m Not a believer in the evolutionary theory of mankind. Gods word tells us how old the earth is and then how old the special creation is..and some Christian denominations just don’t be,I eve the interprets of the scrolls in the correct way….doesn’t make you or me a dummy..makes us unaware of the ancient languages….

How can that be true, when they have carbon dated life to more than a million years ago. Your belief in the Bible is yours and those who read and have similar beliefs. Your snide remarks are not required and some of us like to draw our own conclusions, regardless of what the Bible says.

Patti, There is one major flaw with carbon dating and that is it requires assumptions. Once you start assuming, you have no legitimate base. Assumptions are scientific wild ass guessing. Sorry, I will stick with God’s Word since it has not been proven wrong and does not base anything on assumptions. While there are those who will argue this fact, I suggest they stay in the Word of God daily and let God speak to their hearts. To the unbelievers, I say good luck with that.

Carbon dating is, at best, good to 50,000 years but more realistically only a couple of thousand years which was confirmed by known age of test item.

I agree Pattie. BARBARA FORBES-MOOR responded that “There is one major flaw with carbon dating and that is it requires assumptions.” I kinda think that the bible requires a pretty huge assumption: that it is true and can be proven. Sad that this has become a religious and a political blog. I’m eager to learn about herbs, not someone’s belief system

You are so right Ray, hope people notice these words and consider the truth of the Bible.

Oh stop.

You’re not God. You have no idea how old creation actually is. Only he knows.

The Father, Son and Holy Ghost would not be happy with your rudeness! You’re rude and nasty! Shame on you! Write your own herbal book!

Be careful, brother, that your righteousness does not become self-righteousness. It is good to believe but not good to condemn others with your beliefs. Remember, “Judge not lest ye be judged.”

God said we Are to judge for ourself. That is the Bible.

Stop inflicting your beliefs on intelligence people

According to the ascriotures actually depends on whose interpretation you choos to believe. I choose to believe the verified studies of scholars of the ancient languages…and so many churches don’t base their beliefs on that…they base it their beliefs on what a few egocentric Kings decided they their board of ..directors..they chose to interpret Scriptures to be. Then those same Kings either approved or changed the meanings for the scholars they hired to ..Vote..on the correct meanings. They didn’t then all be,I’ve the same interpretations either.

I’m a diligent Bible Reader myself, the Bible does tell us that mankind has only been on the earth (at least since Adam and Eve sinned) about 7,000 years now. However the Bible doesn’t tell us how long the “creation days” were and in fact we are still in the 7th “creation day” as God hasn’t finalized this creation day yet. Man kind has figured out carbon dating and such which yes is a man made projected timing thing (since God doesn’t address that in our provided Bible given to us), however if you just ignore that part of what Nicole says and just be appreciative of what she has to teach is based on what she herself has learned and applied to her own life to benefit her own health. She is putting this knowledge out there to also try to help all of the rest of mankind who is willing to listen and learn from what she herself has learned and benefited from. You too may benefit.

If you never had a chronic illness you may not appreciate what she has provided yet those of us who have either ourselves or ones we care for in dire straights because nothing else helps — we do appreciate this shared knowledge.

Please look past the minor things and open your eyes to the intention of her book(s). They are not being put out in the world to hurt anyone they are being put out to help others. She could have just kept it all to herself, yet she wasn’t that greedy to do so. Please keep that in mind.

BTW Carbon dating is just an estimate. It has been shown to be inaccurate at times.

Thank you for your comment. This womans kindness in her offering here was not to start a secular debate. I am a Christian woman myself but this site is not about THAT. We are here to learn about herbs, not debate the Holy Bible and the Creation. Just chill out people and stick to the subject.

3 world ages … Have you read it ? Yes, read your Bible… again…

Ray you lose all credibility when you start off with “According to the Bible…”

Hurray! Someone else has spoken truly. You are so right! There is No big bang creation and life has absolutely Not been here for billions of years. Anyone that does not like this Truth, take your complaint to God. Folks need to remember that man’s science is not perfect. Only God’s Truth is. After all HE created All life!

CHILDREN! STOP bickering over what you do NOT understand. ALL of you are correct, so please control your behavior toward others, over this issue. Earth goes through cyclical disaster cycles. One, (ONE) of them was the Noah flood. if the entire earth was covered in water, do you REALLY think that manuscripts would somehow be WATERPROOF? or that some of the people from earlier days would tread water long enough to tell of their past? And we all understand that our DNA is a changing thing, helping us all adapt to life. Did you think that such a trauma as the entire earth flooding would NOT change the DNA of the few humans left alive after that? So, CURRENT mankind, in its current iteration may well BE onlly approximately 6K years old. But that does not mean that mankind in a different DNA was not here before. In fact, we KNOW it was, according to the Bible, as there were people who refused to believe NOAH. Meaning there were people before Noah. (the flood was around 6K years ago, btw.) Since the Cyclical Disasters on Earth come about every 12K years, with some coming around 6K years apart, changes in life are inevitable. However, who is to say that there wasn’t a jar of dried corn that got a good soaking, floated around then crashed upon the rocks of antiquity, to spill over the ground and then sprout into corn plants? Life could very well have been here for billions of years. Earth was NOT born 6K years ago. YOUR truth, Brook, may well not be Everyone’s truth, and you are not thinking clearly. Work it out for yourself, rather than trying to admonish those who see past your pure and innocent and non-uderstanding how-things-work faith. You do NOT know how many times GOD has cleansed the ball of water we are all wandering around on. Why would HE write a book for those HE wiped off the Earth? That would make no sense. Your interpretation of GOD’s truth depends strictlly upon what GOD DID tell you. Like any good parent, HE did not tell you everything that ever has been. Your faith is a wonderful thing, but you will find, as you age, (hopefully) that it will become more inclusive as it grows. How long would a ‘day’ be in eternity? Would there even be such a thing? On Earth, a day seems to be the length of time that it takes for the sun to rise again. But in another part of the universe, that might not be the same on other planets, or on ‘other worlds’ that GOD ‘created wthout number’, depending upon how far away from that planet’s sun it is, which might make a day there be 37 hours, or whatever measure of time it takes for the sun to rise on that planet again. Do not be afraid to think and to reason, Brook. Use logic. GOD will NOT send you to hell for that. Its safe to think. Ask yourself ‘how did that develop?’ , and ask GOD in prayer about EVERYTHING. Please tell me more, is a good question for GOD while you pray.

Genesis 1:11-13 mentions the earth’s bringing forth vegetation on the third creative day. Mankind was created on the 6th day. One day to God is a thousand years. Earth was created millions of years ago. Man no, but the earth and vegetation yes.

Blessings, Ray. I have to agree AND disagree on some of your post. Yes, ‘most’ of us know about the creation week and the earth being almost 7000 years old….HOWEVER, plants, etc. can acturally be older than millions of years old. HOW???? When our Heavenly Father and Saviour created the earth, they didn’t put man in on an empty planet. They furnished the earth with ‘mature’ ‘established’ plants so man and animal could have food to eat. We do not know how old ‘mature’ plants/trees/etc. (think of Redwood trees) were when They established them on earth. Therefore, ‘some might’ be thousands or even millions years old. Who’s to say except our Creator? Not trying to start a debate, just explaining some food for thought. Blessings. 🙂

Meant to say 6000 years not 7000 years. The 1000 years AFTER the 6000 will be Him on earth teaching His saints until He lets the evil one loose once, again. That is the “7th day of rest” for the earth. That is the ‘new millinian.’

According to the Bible, God created EVERYTHING in 6 days, and rested on the 7th. All plants were created on Day 3 of creation, see Genesis 1:11-13. Also Genesis 2:4-5 – contradicts statements about plants or anything else possibly being millions of years old.

Let’s see – – – God created everything in 6 days and rested on the 7th. So are you close enough to God to know EXACTLY how long a day is??? None of us will KNOW the mind of God till we get to be with Him in Heaven.

It’s right there in 2 Peter 3:8, unless you doubt the Bible. And yes, I know, it’s been changed a million times and tampered with. I just believe that if God is powerful enough to create the world and all of us, He certainly is powerful enough to keep His word safe. That’s just me. No one else has to agree. In fact, we won’t all agree and that’s what makes God so great! He gives us choice unlike man who’s always forcing their beliefs and ways on every one else. God bless you!

I believe in more than the Physical world but I also believe that we have a much clearer understanding of the world today than a bunch of goat herders over 2,000 years ago setting around the campfire telling stories of how the world began.

Our concept of days and years is totally based on the Sun created by God, but God’s concept of days and time and how long each “day” took before he rested is way beyond our understanding. God created the world is 6 of HIS days not ours. I am amazed that we humans presume to decide what the Creator’s time line actually was in those early days of Creation. As we know, it was just the Earth that was created but the solar system, the Milky Way, and all the stars above….God lives beyond space and time….so 7000 year or 30 million years is just a number in God’s creation of the Universe….

Hi Kirsten. I agree that our small minds can’t even begin to fully know God and his timeline, I’m just going by the Bible the He gave us to learn. It’s right there for those who actually study, nit just read it. He says that one day in Heaven is a thousand years on earth ( 2Peter 3:8). I do trust the Bible because I believe that God is powerful enough to preserve His truths even though the enemy through man, has tried to thwart the truth.

knock it off you don’t know how the bible interprets years and it was written by man many times over each time adding there own

I do agree that creation is about 10 000 yrs old.

Thanks Nicole for sharing such wisdom. It’s amazing that empirical science has shown how much plants have evolved over the past 850 million years, emerging from the oceans up to 1 billion years ago. The positive feedback loops of botany and biology are amazing. The Universe is constantly striving for deepening its development and expression. All life is related and connected.

Oh, Empirical science! Carbon dating…millions of years, the science does not back it up. What a load of crock science has become. You’re all wrong, most likely and yes we all have different opinions which like Ray, we are allowed to voice. Although a lot of you think you’re the only ones entitled to an opinion!

Actually the Bible does not say the amount of time He created the earth. That would apply only do his later creations, especially mankind.
Congratulations on actually using your Bible for information!

Yes it does Janet, go read your Bible. Congratulations on showing the world your ignorance of scripture.

Nasty nasty nasty man!!!
Keep your mean IGNORANT comments to your self!! OBVIOUSLY YOU HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO!

Can you share the area in the bible where I and others can find it? Easy to check for ourselves than to fight about it. “Proof is in the pudding” as my grandma would say. Share the scriptures and we will be enlightened.
Be Blessed & be someone you can admire 💜

Yes, the Bible does say the Lord God created the earth in 7 days. And I’m sure if he was able to create all of this in 7 days he could have created it with the carbon dating etc. I believe the Bible and I don’t let the other nonsense confuse me about the Lords word.

Perfect Stan

You have the right attitude and I’m glad you stood up for the bible!✌

6 days God created all. duh

As an archaeologist, I am gobsmacked that anyone in our world does not know that there have been five creations dating back millions of years, and the current one in which modern man makes an entrance, is the only one to produce a species so willfully ignorant as to be laughable.

Wow. You are very sad Simon. Folks such as yourself are correctly refered to as ” Educated Idiots”.

A day is as a thousand years and a thousand years is as a day…… judge lest not yeah be judged.

You are so right. One day in Heaven is 1000 years on earth (2 Peter 3:8) so the earth was created in 6000 days and after that He rested. (Genesis 1) We are about 2000 years from Christ and Christ was about 4000 years from the garden, so we are in the time period close to 6000 years, that’s why crazy stuff (Covid) is happening more. In the 7000th year, the Saints will be resting and learning from God in Heaven. This is from my studies. And by the way, thanks for the information on corn. God’s creation is amazing!

Blessings, Jan,
You are 100% correct. Praise Yah! 🙂

I am a Bible believing Christian. I believe that Carbon dating is based on a theory and assumption, not heard science according to my public science teacher.

Anyway, thank you Nicole for the information you share with us. I’m just getting started and look forward to spring and summer when I can collect more plants and start using them. I have MS and hope to incorporate this into my life.

I think you are assuming that all other beliefs are based on one book that was created by a church and a king 1500 years ago. You assume incorrectly. You also incorrectly quote that book.
So, your last line should have been, “you lose credibility with people that believe the interpretation of the Bible that says the earth was created…… “

Thank you Nicole for sharing the natural remedies from our
loving earth!!

Woof! The lack of grace and kindness from people that should actually be in community because we have so much in common!! Please join me in having grace for one another!! Not everyone knows the truth, and those that don’t will know it some day. Until then, free will gives us all the opportunity to believe what we wish. Those seeking TRUTH in purity and love will find it for sure!! Love you all!

I can’t wait to make some of this tea for my sister! I know it will help her! Thank you, Nicole! Also, LOVE your new book!

I have both of Nicole’s books and love every page. Her information is priceless, easy to read, easy to understand and extremely informative!
Those who make rude comments must be very angry due to the worlds problems, and feel the need to vent to take it out on someone. Very sad! Thank you Nicole for all you do!

I am not certain it matters the time it took for creation. I personally believe 7 days only because islands and mountains can form in a day if the plates crash or push the correct way. I’ve been told that the UV rays and other things that come to our atmosphere can affect carbon dating. Like everyone else I wasn’t there, but it only comes into issue for me when science attempts to counter the authenticity of the Bible. Believe what you want. That is the freedom of choice God gave those made after his image. Our ability to reason and decide is what makes us unique. In the end guess we will see. Thank you for all the neat information you share.

I had no idea the silk was beneficial, I’m glad to know that and I’m excited to make tea with it. I think I’ll make some for my dog and cats health too. Blessings!!

Please this is not a site to argue, go and find an argue site if that’s what you want. I love all this very informative information so Thank You

Jeepers Wally, I came in here to read about corn silk, but all the adults are in here talking about cree…cre….creepy stuff. Im gonna go outside and play with Lumpy.

Hi Nicole, I want to thank you for teaching us on what you’ve learned. This stuff is lost knowledge as you are right people have been trained over the years to only rely on pharmaceutical medicines and doctors who only “practice” what little they know. Our American society has only one thing in mind which is $$$$ and most put that over health and wellness of others. Which is why we have mainly cancer, diabetes, obesity causing foods in the grocery stores. Anything natural is looked down on by the majority.

Did you know that MS is known to be a symptom (co-infection) of Lyme Disease?

My 20 year old daughter has Chronic Lyme Disease she always has something wrong with her, chronic pains, dementia issues, arthritis, severe in-treatable depression, severe anxiety, severe obesity (hyper Insulin which causes insulin resistance) plus much more (changes constantly depending on the day, hour, minute) 😢. The sad thing is she has had it since she was 1 year old yet we never knew what she had until she was 14 and because of her constant illnesses she has never had a life (everything she has gone through has been so negative depressing as she has been told by doctors and other adults (school staff, adults, even other family members – other than me) that she has been faking her illnesses (I knew she wasn’t). I’ve gotten your book — I now just need to find the time to learn all that is in it, while working 50 hours a week and working to take care of her. She cannot work she cannot get disability because the government won’t acknowledge Chronic Lyme as a “true illnesses” (because the US government created the illnesses- bio-warfare released in the USA (Lyme, CT) back in the 50-60’s) by accident supposedly.

Anyhow I’m hoping that some of this stuff I can learn from your book can help her with her health as she cannot get any help from Amy of the so called “doctors” in the world. They only take my money and tell us she is faking and/or I’ve been accused of making her sick!

Thank you for sharing what you’ve learned!!

I’m so sorry to hear this about your daughter. I’m glad that people like Nicole have resources to help. God’s nature is amazing and was created to heal the human body. I know it’s not tasty or fun but if your daughter would go on a plant based diet (nutrition) and get fresh air, drink lots of water, exercise, get sunlight, and lots of rest, she could get rid of many of those issues. May God lead you to His healing remedies. God bless your family.

Thank you Nicole for sharing your knowledge of Mother Earth’s remedies. I’m sorry for the petty, negativity that surfaces. I am grateful that you are able to stay above it to help others learn about natural foods and healing ways.
Thank you.

Ray, also if you read your precious scriptures you’d see that God’s time differs from our time as ” one day is a thousand years, and a thousand years is one day”

I made this “tea” two summers ago when we were in corn eatin’ season. It has almost no taste to it. NOt too exciting people, but I trust there may be some health benefits

All, The rocket scientists were so afraid the lunar landing would sink and never get out in all the space dust that SHOULD have been on the moon surface if expecting it to be millions or even hundreds of thousand years old. Care to guess how much there was? 1/8″ deep dust. Their calculations proved to the scientists a young earth, moon and all other creation out there. But that info got swept “under the rug” so to speak, real quick. The Bible arithmetic is, of course, correct. Really,what else is there to believe in, us or our own intelligence? Ha! Good thing God’s word doesn’t need defending, but I am sorry you reject it.

Thank you Nicole for the great book! Loved you on alone!

HEY, HEY! why are you people arguing so much? just let everyone think what they want and move on. Gees

Thank you for the post. Something else for me to research and use.

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears.

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